How to Turn Your Facebook Group Into A Successful Community

Facebook groups are gaining huge popularity these days; you can literally find a group for anything. A lot of these groups became really famous among people that even their owners appear as guests on TV programs. Also, some groups actually make the news headlines for what they do.

The question here is have you ever wondered what made these groups so popular?

These Facebook groups are more like a community where people talk freely and communicate. So, if you ever had the thought of creating your own group and turn it into a successful community; we will tell you some rules to follow.


1- Determine The Purpose of The Group

Each group you come across on Facebook has a purpose; what will yours be?

Almost everything and every business has its own group. You can find groups for movies, groups for a certain fan base of a movie, there are groups for social media vacancies, and there are groups for food and women only.

Each of these groups serves a certain purpose, ergo attracts those who share this purpose. For example, if you’re looking for a vacancy in social media then you’ll join these groups and if you’re a Harry Potter fan aka a Potterhead, you will join its group.

This is why you have to decide what are you creating this group for and start from this point.


2- You’ll Need Help from Others

You will need help from others in 2 things, 1- how to run it, and 2- Spread the word.

You won’t be able to run your group alone, you will need some help especially if you have many requests. You need someone to keep an eye on what’s going on in the group and how members are treating each other. You will need moderators and people who review posts and accept requests.

Also, you will need some help from your friends to spread the word about your group and add their friends.


3- Avoid Subjects That Raise Controversy

People have different opinions regarding all kinds of things, avoid subjects that could raise controversy and ruin the group’s image.

You don’t want your community to be a place where people fight, it has to be safe. Therefore, you have to avoid discussing any topics that could spark any backlash!


4- Engage With Your Members

Engagement is the secret to any activity on Facebook.

Make sure your members get to know who you are and talk to you personally. Get involved with them through comments and communicate with them through their posts. This will create a bond between you and them. If you’ve noticed, most of the groups’ members know the owners and communicate with them; you should achieve the same.


5- Create Rules

Every group has its own rules that members can’t break; create yours.

These rules depend on the purpose of the group; if you have a certain theme for the group then the first rule is not to discuss any topic other than the group’s topic. Your rules must include how your members behave, language, and topics.

You should also state what will happen if someone broke the rules.


6- Create Content to Attract People

There will be times when you have to post content yourself, make sure it’s interesting so you can attract more members.

Content is the essence of the group, you will create it and your members will as well. When it comes to your own content, you have to post something creative and urge people to interact with you.

For example, you can ask them about a trending topic or you can create competitions. This will make your members interact and will attract more members to join.


Treat your group and its members as a family; this will turn it into a successful community.

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