How to Stop Your Co-workers from Taking Advantage of You

At some point in our career life, we went through situations where our managers or colleagues took advantage of us and our skills. Can you remember the number of similar situations you’ve been through? They are probably many and some of them have probably led you to leave the company.

Being taken advantage of makes you feel stressed and makes you hate the place you are working in, and sometimes you wish you knew a way to stand up for yourself and to stop this mess!

This is why we are giving you some tips on how to handle similar situations so you can avoid being taken advantage of.


1- Stick to Your Job Description

When a company hires you, it hires you with a certain title because this is what you can do best; so, any other tasks that are not related to your field, don’t say yes to.

Unfortunately, when some companies realize you’re good at something other than your original job, they assign you more tasks that are not in your job description, therefore, you should always stick to the tasks that you normally do.

Don’t accept non-related tasks unless there are clear conditions that you won’t be doing this all the time.


2- Keep Your Boss Informed

There are 2 situations you can face at work that you should inform your boss with.

Situation number 1:

If your boss is giving extra tasks, let them know that you are busy finishing the assigned ones and that they are a priority; always keep your boss updated with what you’re doing.

Situation number 2:

If someone is loading you up with tasks whether they are related to your department or not, you should inform your boss, especially if they’re not in your area of expertise.


3- Commit to Your Tasks

We all go to work and we know our schedule, you know your tasks for today and you sort them out by priority, stick to your schedule.

Don’t make a change in your schedule unless it’s something urgent and if you can push back some deadline or if you have available time.


4- Set Your Own Boundaries

Let everyone know your boundaries, you have certain tasks per day and you can’t load yourself with more and if someone wants to assign you another, they have to ask first.

If you are to accept an extra task then do it on your own terms; if the task is not in your area of expertise then you can say yes but clarify that you can’t always be doing it unless they want to make a change in your title or salary. Also, clarify that you can’t accept more tasks unless you’re done with the ones you’re working on.


5- Speak Up

Learn to stand up for yourself! If someone is loading you up with tasks and you’re shy to say no, then it’s time to make a move.

You can’t always be a people pleaser, you have to put yourself first. If you know you’re being taken advantage of and if someone is assigning you more tasks and it is against your work’s rules then complain. Seek whoever in a higher position and tell them what has been happening.

Never allow someone to take advantage of your skills.


6- Stick to the Company’s Rules

Everyone has to follow the company’s rules, including you! So, if your work is done by 6 PM then you shouldn’t be taking tasks or edits later than that.

Some companies tend to make employees work on weekends; make it clear that you’re not available on the weekend unless it’s in your job description!


7- Consider Leaving

If nothing has changed and your colleagues or managers still take advantage of you then consider resigning. Working in this environment can cause you stress and sometimes depression, so resigning, in this case, can be your best and last resort if you run out of solutions.


You have to prove yourself at work and you have to have your own rules and characteristics so no one can think you’re a people pleaser and take advantage of this trait.  

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