How to Run A Successful Interview with A Famous Figure

With all the interview instructions that we come across, we barely find any tips on how to interview a famous figure. It is a little bit confusing when you are about to interview someone who is important. If you are working in social media, writing, or marketing field, you will definitely come across situations where you will interview someone.

Since not a lot of people discuss this topic, we will give you some tips that might be a helping hand.

We will tell you how to plan it and how to run it, so bear with us.


1- What Is Your Field?

The very first thing you do when you’re asked to interview someone is to think of someone that is important in your field. For example, you can’t be working in the marketing field and interview an actor or a singer.

So, start down by listing those who are important and achieved a lot in your working field.


2- How to Pick a Figure

You need to ask yourself this question, “What am I looking for in this person?” and “What am I be getting out from this interview?”

You need to find someone with important achievements especially if they have achieved something important recently. Someone with huge talents or someone who can share their experience so readers can benefit from it.

For example, you can interview a famous entrepreneur, a Co-Founder of an important company or event, or an important writer. Put in mind that if you’re interviewing a writer, they also have to be related to your field.


3- Proper Research is Required

Now that you have picked up the person you want to interview, it’s time to sit down and do your research.

Gather all the information about this figure and even read their interviews. You have to know all about their experience, their previous work, and what they have accomplished through the years.

This will be material from where you can extract many questions. Also, make sure to ask them about their recent accomplishments.

You have to run the interview and show them that you’ve done your research and that you know everything about their work.


4- Make It a Special Interview

The last thing you want for your interview is to be like any other interview your figure went through. This is why you have to do research. When you read the interviews your figure did, try to avoid the questions they were asked before, so the interview won’t be repetitive.

You want to give something new to the readers so your questions should be different. You should be tackling topics that were not discussed before. Avoid any cliché topics or questions, this will make the interview interesting and one of a kind.


5- Ask the Right Questions

Stay relevant to the topic of the interview, always remember that. The interview’s success depends on the types of questions you will ask and how relevant they are.

You’re the one who is running the interview so it’s all in your hand. You have the ability to extract all the answers you need and put it in the direction you desire.

List the topics you will be discussing and come up with questions to serve them well.


6- Be Confident

It’s all about confidence, this is one of the essential keys in running a successful interview. You have to be confident about yourself and the questions you are asking. Your voice should be steady and you have to avoid showing any signs of anxiety. Leaving a good impression will also help your guest to feel welcome and answer your questions in a friendly way.

Be sure that you can handle this interview and you’re the one who’s in charge.


If you followed these steps and prepared different questions then you and your guest will enjoy this interview.

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