How to Prepare Yourself and Your Business for a Second Wave of COVID-19

It has been around 5 months since the Coronavirus pandemic started to spread in Egypt and since then we have been witnessing major changes occurring in every field especially business. About a month or 2 ago everything started to get back to its normal status and we are no longer in quarantine.

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Lately, though, it has been said that there will be a second wave of COVID-19 to hit the country and it might be even uglier than the first one!

So, if you are a business owner or an employee, you should know how to be ready when the second wave occurs.


1- Secure Your Financial Records

For Employees, you need to be aware of your current financial status and cover up your needs. Start saving money because no one knows what the second wave will do to business; you might face another decrease in your salary, so you need to have backups.

As for business owners, you can have some meetings with your accountants to study your business’s current financial situation and put all the possibilities that might happen with their solutions. It is recommended that you avoid laying off employees and decreasing salaries should be your last option.


2- Make Sure Your Work Space Is a Safe Zone

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, you should take precautionary measures. Start with yourself by commit to wearing your mask during office hours; always have your alcohol with you or as a business owner then make sure your employees have it. Also, apply the social distancing rule on your colleagues or employees.


3- Make Sure Your Backup Plan Is Ready

This one is for business owners, we have discussed before that this crisis is a lesson and that you should always have a backup plan for similar situations. Since the second wave of COVID-19 might happen, it is time to revise your backup plan, make some adjustments if needed so you can be fully prepared if the history repeated itself again.

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You don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, your business should remain safe during this time.


4- Adjust Your Work Process

In case a second wave did happen, you have to be aware that your work process will change and you will start working from home again! This means that you have to start preparing your adjustments and how you will be handling your work from home.

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Avoid the previous mistakes and start planning how you will be creating a work environment inside your home.


5- Reassure Your Employees

Your employees might start panicking, this where your role begins as a business owner or manager. You need to make them feel safe and that you will always do what’s best for their health and safety. Stay positive, and assure them that there will be no harm and everything will be ok so they won’t be too worried.


6- Stock Up Essentials

People will start consuming medicines, alcohol, masks, and all the needed materials for COVID-19, so you need to be careful. You can start stocking up the essentials but also you have to be aware that other people will be in need so don’t stock up too much.

if you have a chronic disease then stock up the required medications and make sure you have enough masks and medical alcohol.

As a business owner, make sure your company has the required essentials that will be enough for all your employees.


Don’t panic and stay positive, you’ve been through this before and you learned from your mistakes, so you will definitely go through it this time.

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