How To Gain Your Employees’ Respect

Every manager especially if he/she is new has one main common concern, which is how to gain their employees’ respect.

Gaining your employees’ respect is critical to your position since you will be their leader and it’s not an easy process. You have to make sure that you balance between being firm and friendly and understanding.

In fact, gaining respect from your employees will help to build a healthy workplace and increase morale but you have to work hard and be careful when you communicate with your team. You can use many ways to gain your team’s respect and will also benefit your management style.



Respect To Be Respected

Mutual respect is a must.

The first thing you have to do to gain your employees’ respect is to respect them back; this is one of the most essential factors that can make your employees respect you. Treat them all fairly and appreciate their effort, respect their boundaries, and don’t interfere in their personal business.

Also, don’t think that being a boss means that you downgrade them, you have to make them feel that you’re one of them.



Be Friendly Yet Firm

You need to set some limits.

Some employees tend to cross the line when their manager is being friendly, put your own limits; let them know what you allow and what you don’t. Also, don’t be a pushover, don’t let anyone affect your decisions easily.

You can include them and ask for their opinions but if you’re sure of your decision, don’t be affected by the simplest word.


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Be Consistent

Don’t change the way you manage your employees.

If you adopted a certain management style, don’t change it unless you will enhance it. If you’re used to including them in making decisions and treat them as family, never change that. You should also be consistent in how you set your expectations of the team so they can always be up to them

Any negative change you make in managing or treating your employees will make them lose respect for you.



Own Your Mistakes

It’s never wrong to admit you made a mistake.

In fact, admitting you made a mistake will make your employees respect you even more! You will be teaching them a lesson of how everyone is capable of doing mistakes and that it’s the best way to learn. You will also be setting an example of how someone can bounce back and fix their wrongdoings.



Celebrate Their Success

Every employee wants to feel appreciated by their manager, be that manager.

Celebrating success is one of the best ways to encourage your team to do better and work hard. When you encourage them and tell them they’re doing a good job, you will gain not only their respect but also their love and loyalty.



“I’m All Ears”

Always listen to them.

All employees have problems and concerns, listen to them carefully. Don’t ignore your team, listen to their opinions and worries, and work with them to figure out solutions. Your employees need to feel that you’re like a safe zone, they shouldn’t be sacred from you.



Be A Mentor, Not Just A Manager

Teach them while managing, don’t just boss them around!

A good manager is the one that passes on their knowledge and experience, this is why employees love them and respect them. Be their mentor and teach them, always try to be the reason they succeed.



Remember, when there’s mutual respect between you and your employees, you will create a healthy work environment.  

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