6 Reasons Why Employees Complain About Their Managers

One of the trendiest topics on social media is how employees struggle at work and especially with their managers. If you follow social media trends, you will find that a lot of people are complaining about their managers in the form of memes.

Almost all people had bad managers at a certain time in their life, and some even reached a level where they just wanted to resign. You have probably been through a similar experience; ever since you started your career, you probably have dealt with a bad manager that drove you crazy.

So, in this article, we will be discussing some traits and factors that can make employees complain about their managers.


1- Being Inconsiderate

It matters to your employees when they feel that you understand what they are going through. But if a manager simply doesn’t care, that’s when they start to feel annoyed.

For example, some managers don’t care if their employee is sick, all they want is for work to be done. While other managers don’t care if their employees are loaded with work, they just assign more to them. Some managers also reject their employees’ requests for a couple of days off, even though there’s not much work to be done.



2- Not Open to New Ideas

An employee can feel suffocated if they felt that their creativity is being controlled.

When someone feels that their creativity is being limited, they feel frustrated and lose passion. Some managers listen only to themselves and their own opinions! They don’t care what employees think and they refuse any idea or creative solutions.

This makes the employee feels that they can’t develop or improve, so, some actually resign.


3- No Respect for The Working Hours

Some managers make their employees work late and even on weekends. We’re not talking here about the urgent tasks that could take weekends or extra working hours; we’re talking about random work that could be postponed, yet the manager doesn’t want to.

For example, some managers take late requests or edits from clients and force employees to work on them; when the right thing to do is to postpone until the next day.



4- Focusing Only on The Result

Some managers don’t pay attention to the effort, or even the problems that faced the team while working on a project; they only care about the result.

Focusing on the result is important, but focusing on the process is definitely more important. As a manager, you have to know how your team reached this result and what they faced. Was it an easy process or not? What kind of problems they faced and how they handled them. You have to be involved in all the details.



5- Nothing Is Good Enough

You could work hard and do the best you can but still without any word of appreciation. Employees can leave if they didn’t feel appreciated; in fact, not receiving appreciation or encouragement can cause a lack of creativity and can affect the employee’s performance.

Also, some managers don’t even notice how hard their employees work, and no matter how much success they achieve, it’s still not enough. It’s like they didn’t do anything, and this can be toxic.


6- Chaotic

A messy manager can drive their employees crazy. Work without a system is a huge mess and can lead to employees leaving the company. Unfortunately, there are messy managers who don’t put a system for how to complete a project or a task.

In fact, some managers count on their employees to get things done by themselves without having someone to monitor their work or the process. Also, some of them actually blame the employees for making mistakes.


Being a good manager is what gives your company a good reputation and what makes people want to work with you. Bad managers can push employees away and can cause major losses.

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