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How to create a viral video marketing with zero cost

The description viral video comes from viral marketing, also known as word of mouth marketing. The words ‘viral video’ have become synonymous with attracting large numbers of peoples interest online, generating mass market appeal and wide reaching video advertising.

A successful viral video is one that begs to be shared again and again. As opposed to traditional paid for media like TV and radio, where once you stop paying the advert or spot stops playing.

Examples of Low Budget Viral Videos

Will it Blend? This company has made its mark in the world of blenders by taking unusual items and grinding them up in their blenders.  The objective of viral video marketing is not to pay for every single view but to pay enough to get your video noticed by influencers (people) who enjoy the video enough to recommend and keep recommending it.

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Another example of viral videos with almost zero budget is a series of shocking video episodes where an Egyptian make up artist highlighted her profession in a fully sarcastic way.



Aya idea managed to give her the exposure she targeted and shown a massive shearing for her videos by both males and females. Her page fans jumped from 197 fans on 25 Feb. to almost 50,000 fans on 13 March.
Makeup Artist | Aya Mostafa Fans growth
Makeup Artist | Aya Mostafa Fans growth

Why People Share Content on Social Networks

Laughter is one of the biggest reasons that people share content on the web. May be this reflects the fast success of Baasem Youssef and explains how a good laughter can guarantee a sharable content.

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Here is a list of top 5 Factors That Drive People To Share Content With Their Social Networks:


If something makes you laugh, you want to make other laugh. Therefore, you post the content to your Facebook wall or to your Twitter account to make your friends laugh and put a smile on their faces. After all, laughter makes us feel good so why not spread the love?


It could be artistic inspiration, a motivational speech, or an idea that inspires us to spread love and happiness throughout our communities. A good example is how Coca Cola Egypt campaign boom on Social Media #etganen


When people see something creative and original they are also likely to want to share it.


It follows the fact that when something gets a strong reaction out of people they want to share it with others, to see if the other people have similar strong reactions.


One of the biggest factors that gets people to share web content with their friends in social networks is nostalgia. Just like how Pepsi and Chipsy played this game of bringing the most famous Ramadan characters to Pepsi Ramadan 2013 Film


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