How to Communicate With Customers During Times of Crisis

In a blink of an eye, the whole world shifted and went through major changes that affected every aspect of it. Brands have been struggling ever since the Coronavirus started to spread. The pandemic affected every business and life in general around the whole world and brands and marketers have been facing difficulties for the past months due to this pandemic.

This is the first time brands face a crisis like this, which made it hard for them to quickly adapt to the current situation and to suddenly change their current strategies and plans and even their backup plans.

There are some actions that brands need to do to try to keep their place in the market during this difficult time.


Think About Your Customers

You are not the only one who is anxious during this time, your customers are going through the same thing as well, and therefore you have to be there for them. People have been in quarantine for a while now, so you need to adopt a sympathetic tone when you are talking to them.

Your customers would want to know that you are aware of how they feel, so you want to stay positive and reassure them that everything will be ok. Think about what they would be needing the most these days and try to give it to them through new offers or campaigns.


Now the competition is with your own self

Always remember that you are not alone in this, meaning, your competitors are going through the same situation and they will be observing every move you make to see how you are coping with the circumstances, so, you will have to do the same.

Keeping an eye on your competitors will help you avoid any future mistakes and will help you learn how to benefit from this situation.


Communicate To Serve The Community

As a brand, people need to see your role in the community, so you have to offer your services. This is the perfect time to start initiatives and social movements to help others fighting this crisis. Many people are in need and suffering so you have to be giving help and support.

Launching campaigns and helping others will help you leave a mark in people’s minds and survive this crisis.


Stay Active On Social Media Platforms

This is the perfect time to prove your existence on social media since people are heading to it more than ever. Since people are staying home quarantining, they need something to entertain them, this where you show up.

You can use your social media accounts to present them a new content that fits the circumstances; benefit from the trending applications to connect with your customers more and you can throw challenges to be done virtually to keep them entertained.


Be Sure That You Can Always Benefit from the Challenge

Every situation will have its own negativity and positivity, you have to benefit from its positive aspects. No matter how hard it gets, there will always be solutions, you just have to remain focus to reach them and always have a backup plan that serves any type of crisis.


Remember: Your Customers Are NOT Always Right

Believe it or not, there are some customers you DON’T want. If a customer constantly complains, abuses employees, or creates stress for your company, they’re not worth it. It doesn’t matter how much money they pay.

There may be times when you have to “fire” a customer in order to protect your company and employees. If you’re planning on staying in business for long time, you need to avoid terrible customers.


What more actions do you think a brand should take to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis?

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