WE Sponsors [El-Mamar] Movie: How sponsorship can strengthen your brand?

Said to be biggest movie of Eid, and possibly the summer’s biggest blockbuster, El Mamar (The Passage) has a lot of expectations to meet. Already in cinemas, the movie seems to be gaining a lot of attention for its realistic and emotional rendition of the War of Attrition, between Egypt and Israel, in 1967-1973.

Al Mamar film story revolves around the Egyptian military commando force also known as Thunderbolt Forces “Sa’ka Forces” during the war of attrition، headed by the leader of the 39th group.

Egypt Still the ‘Hollywood of the Middle East’ and what has flown under the radar during the press tour and attention is telecom brand WE’s decision to help sponsor a 70M EGP movie [According to Hesham Abdel Khalek- Al Mammar producer].

The movie trailer promised to reveal heartbreakingly brilliant story about the Egyptian Special Forces.

WE is still building its brand equity as mobile operator for the 2nd years in action. WE’s challenge over its 2 years in operation has been bad publicity or public reaction to important brand choices they made. From their logo to the national team’s tour bus and plane design, WE rarely caught a break.

However, their choice in helping El Mamar get made is a decision that will help break that streak and hopefully change public perception of the brand for the better.

How Sponsorship Can Strengthen Your Brand?

Sponsoring popular entertainment such as movies and events is a smart but common choice for brands who are willing, but WE’s choice to sponsor El Mamar was strategic and well-placed.

Yet, what do brands get out of sponsoring movies?

Sponsoring movies has several benefits for brands of all sizes, as long as the brand selects the movies strategically.

For younger brands, brand awareness is on the top of the list of benefits. It allows you to place products in shots, have your name on the billboards or posters as well as in the credits. For veteran brands, sponsoring certain movies or movie genres can help reposition and reintroduce products/services to new target audiences.

Al Mamar Movie- Behind The Scene

Brands Sponsoring Movies: The Big Opportunities

As we mentioned, sponsoring certain movies can help reposition your brand, showing off new values or attitudes, but it can also position your brand as a “good citizen.” Sponsoring small indie films or, as what WE does with El Mamar, sponsoring movies with important values or stories, are an effective method to position WE brand as the national operator, just helping out the country with brand mission aligned with strategic goals beyond business objectives.

Brands can also enjoy the publicity that the movie generates, which can help in differentiating them from other competitors.

Hidden Key Messages about “El-Mamar” Movie:

They reveal date for the movie is set to be 5th of June, which could be the biggest key message as it exactly match the same date of 5th of June 1967 war.

Another hidden message about the movie is the movie name itself. El-Mamar which also translated as “The Passage” name was chosen by the director and writer Sherif Arafa, which meant to reflect the passage between defeat and victory.

Social Media Reaction:

Social Media emotion has been at the core of expressing opinions and experience since the movie revealed. Interacting with movie trailer on social media has generally been about positive response.

Al Mamar co-starring Ahmed Ezz، Hend Sabry، Mohamed El Sharnouby، Mohamed Farag، Asma Abulyazeid، Ahmed Salah Hosny، Amir Salah Al-Din، Mahmoud Hafez، Eyad Nassar، Ahmed Falawkas، Mohamed Gomaa، Mahmoud Hegazy، and others.

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