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How NBK launched a Creative Campaign Inspired By Powerful Consumer Insights

As we all know, the holy month of Ramadan is full of campaigns and adverts. Throughout the month, each brand from each sector releases adverts. Another bank joined the Ramadan campaigns race and launched one of the funniest adverts.

This Ramadan, we have seen many banks launch campaigns and get creative with their adverts. In fact, we have noticed that the banking sector is competing with other sectors and brands when it comes to launching campaigns and adverts.

One of the banks that joined the race with a creative, funny advert is NBK.


Don’t Borrow Money

On the 21st of April, NBK had officially joined the adverts’ race with its new advert under the name of ‘Don’t Borrow Money. Because, simply while borrowing money from friends should be a mutually-beneficial arrangement but it could it might affect how your relationship will survive.

The bank had launched its campaign and released a really funny advert about a man borrowing from his friend 10 thousand EGP.

NBK’s advert’s idea was based on the reported market’s insights of the bank’s relationship with its target audience. These insights revolve around the type of relationship between a father and his son when he lends him money, or between two friends when one of them lends the other money.

The idea is presented in a very simple and funny way that attracts the viewer.


No Complications, Just An Easy Loan Process

The bank is promoting that customers now can own a credit card or take loans from the bank without any complications instead of borrowing money from their friends or family.

Unlike other banks, NBK has made the loan process easier so that customers won’t feel confused. Also, many people depend on credit cards these days, and this is what the bank is providing; it provides an extremely easy process when you apply for credit cards.

So now, you don’t have to borrow from a family member or a friend because NBK can provide you with loans or credit cards without any complicated processes.


Factors That Make This Advert A Success

Many factors can drive this advert towards success and virality.

Funny adverts are known to be attention grabbers; this is why this advert has grabbed the attention of thousands of people. In fact, the whole advert is funny, right from the actors’ choice, acting, the script, and the situations the characters go through. The whole advert is hilarious and relatable in a certain way.

This is one of the very few adverts that didn’t depend on celebrity marketing nor a jingle. Most of this year’s Ramadan adverts either depended on celebrity marketing or a jingle; NBK’s advert didn’t depend on any of those. In fact, the advert depended on actors that are similar to the target audience so they can relate to them and real situations but with a little bit of exaggeration.

This was a major factor in grabbing the viewers’ attention and helped creating a bond between the viewer and the bank.

Also, the idea of presenting the audience with real-life events is a major factor in attracting a huge number of viewers, which is what the advert had done. Some people have been through similar situations where they borrowed money from someone and they kept asking them about it the next day!

This makes the advert relatable to some viewers.


We Need More of Creative Ideas Based on Market Insights

As much as we love adverts with celebrities, we long for adverts like NBK’s.

Adverts that are funny and inspired by real-life situations can be more successful than adverts that depend on jingles or celebrity marketing. In fact, if you checked adverts like NBK’s, you’d find that some of them are still memorable till now as some people use them as a meme.

Worth mentioning that written the advert by Storytellers advertising agency and directed by Hashem El Sokkary and Akram Negm.


So, in the end, while a friend or a family member can keep asking you about the borrowed money, the bank won’t; in fact, the bank is there for you whenever you need a loan or a credit card.

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