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How MENA uses Facebook and Twitter during Ramadan [Infographic]

During The holy month of Ramadan, MENA citizens tend to spend more time surfing the web, especially on social media channels. Engagement with regional brands in Facebook increases 30% during Ramadan and 33% on Twitter, compared to other times of the year, according to a recent report released by The Online Project, regional social media agency.

The study monitored 300,000 Facebook posts, comments and likes, and 10,000 Twitter users from 9 countries in the Middle East during last year’s Ramadan, resulting in a huge set of data to go through.

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Most importantly for brands, the report details the best times to post:

  • Egypt: 4pm Facebook, 2pm Twitter
  • UAE: 7pm Facebook, 6pm Twitter
  • Saudi Arabia: 10pm Facebook, 4-6am Twitter
  • Jordan: 2-4am Facebook, 6pm Twitter
  • Lebanon: 10am Facebook, 4pm Twitter
  • Qatar: 7pm Facebook, 6pm Twitter
How MENA uses Facebook and Twitter during Ramadan [Infographic]
How MENA uses Facebook and Twitter during Ramadan [Infographic]

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