World Cup 2018

One nation, world cup joy: How you will celebrate our first goal in 28-years?

As we step closer to actually ending our 28-year absence from the international football fields, emotions and tensions intensify. The country is biting their fingernails in anticipation as the match against Uruguay this Friday comes closer.

Doubts and fears have been building up, mostly due to the under-par performance in their friendlies leading up to official matches, and Mo Salah’s recent challenge and injury.

Although everyone is excited to see the absent-streak broken, some are pessimistic about the team’s chances.

What the masses need is a goal.

One goal to set the change in atmosphere.

The first goal, of what we hope to be many, to break the doubts that many have about Egypt’s success in the world cup.

Fine’s newest ad copy for their world cup campaign challenges us to see just how influential that first goal can be. How it can shatter the doubts we may have, and how it can lift our spirits and national pride.

Fine Tissue World Cup

مصر كلها بتدعى.. شاركنا فرحة أول جون مع فاين وأقولنا هتشارك فرحتك ازاى على#فرحة_أول_جون

Posted by Fine Tissues on Sunday, June 10, 2018


The copy focuses on our anticipation and joy as the first goal is driven into the net, how many of us will feel and celebrate as soon as the news hits our ears.

It reminds us to let the joy in when the first goal happens. It tells us that it takes only a moment to feel the celebration and excitement of the goal, our first goal in the world cup in 28 years.

Mini-stadium to support our national team:

While many of us will be watching Egypt’s matches at home with family, or out with friends in the local cafes with other excited people, some won’t be able to feel the festive and unifying mood.

Children in the 57357 Cancer Hospital, wouldn’t be able to watch the game within the cheerful atmosphere to truly live and enjoy the spirit behind the historical event.

Keeping with the lighthearted tone of their ad copy, Fine is jumping in to help build an atmosphere worthy of the national excitement for the event inside the hospital.

Fine will be preparing a “mini stadium” within the hospital to spread the joy and enthusiasm.

The area will be filled with flags and other WC decorations to bump up the atmosphere. The mini stadium will also have a wide screen TV to view the match, alongside providing our team’s jerseys and cheering gears.

The mini stadium will be prepared in time for Egypt’s match against Russia and Saudi Arabia.

As tensions build, starting from today and during the match, we must remember to enjoy the moment. To enjoy our time together as one country, all hoping for one goal.

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