Don’t Forget: It is not time for marketing, now is the time for solidarity

It is always these times that show the true color of people. Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 happened, some serious decisions were made that made life and communication harder for everyone.

The imposed curfew and with everyone staying at home had caused some people to lose their jobs, and not seeing their families which caused major frustration.

On the other hand, we have been witnessing some positivity. People have been giving assistance to others during these difficult times. We have seen a lot of help was given to those who are in need and we have seen a lot of companies putting their employees first and caring about their safety.

We found out that when it comes to facing a crisis, people always stick together to overcome it and some situations made it obvious.


The Safety of Employees

We have seen a lot of companies enforce the “Work from Home” process on their employees to be able to avoid any possible infection. Whilst companies have enforced this process, other companies couldn’t due to the nature of the work, but they made sure of providing a safe working environment.

Some companies make daily checking on their employees’ health, sterilize the whole company, installing hand sanitizer, and providing the employees with masks.


Brands Giving a Hand

We have witnessed some brands offering help to fight against coronavirus. Some of them started spreading awareness of the importance to stay home and to keep a social distance while other brands were sending doctors and hospitals free meals, free coffee and giving them discounts on their orders.

Since transportation became harder these days, some transportation applications put into consideration that employees find it hard to get to work, so they made free trips, lowered their fees and lowered the number of their seats.

Also, some companies offered to support employees who work at home with better internet connection and products that could help them to work comfortably. In addition, educational platforms also joined offering free online courses.


Brands Supporting Families

Some families lost their jobs due to the current situation, and since it is getting harder for a person to go out looking for a job, some brands started campaigns to support these families with all their needs to survive these difficult times.

Also, some medical platforms offered free consultation for anyone who has a medical question, whether to ask about the Coronavirus symptoms or a general medical question.

On the 31st of March, the ministry of health announced that there will be a hotline number for mental health consultation since everyone is going through a hard time that is causing them to be anxious or depressed.


Solidarity in the Time of Need

Brands were not the only ones to support; there were people who offered help to those who are in need. Some people decided to put their number on social media just in case if there are families or elders who need to buy their home needs but can’t go out due to the quarantine.

Since schools and colleges are on hold, some teachers started to upload videos for students to help them with their studies and stated that they are available to take questions.

One of the remarkable situations is that Egyptians who live abroad had done is offering their homes for those who are stuck in the same country and can’t get back to Egypt; this movement went viral as it was a really amazing human gesture.

During this difficult time, it is nice to still witness some positivity to help us all get through this and to rise once again.

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