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How Electrostar’s 2021 Campaigns Went Viral While Avoiding Overused Celebrities

This year, brands launched many creative campaigns and adverts, and we can frankly say that we have come across many adverts that we absolutely loved. Even though we loved Ramadan’s adverts, we couldn’t help but notice one thing, which is how most of the adverts depended on celebrities.

Few brands this year chose to avoid celebrity collaborations and depended on people who can represent the brand’s target audience; one of these brands is Electrostar. We have noticed since the beginning of 2021 that Electrostar is following a great strategy when it comes to launching its campaigns, especially in Ramadan.

So, stick with us, we will go through the brand’s campaign strategy for this year.


Electrostar’s Ramadan 2021 Campaign

The brand depended on a simple emotional advert this year.

On the 12th of April, Electrostar released its advert on its official Facebook page. The brand created an advert for its Ramadan campaign that revolved around motherhood and family gatherings; the advert’s idea was also expressed through a jingle.

The advert showed what every mother goes through during Ramadan as the daughter doesn’t help her with Sohour and can’t organize the fridge and her son is busy playing video games

The brand didn’t collaborate with a celebrity, instead, it collaborated with people who we can run into anywhere so the audience can relate to the advert’s idea.


The Reason Behind The Campaign’s Success

In less than a week the advert got more than 1.8 million views on Facebook. Also, the brand focused all of its effort on digital platforms instead of ATL. This enabled Electrostar to reach its target audience on the channels they prefer.

The brand didn’t want to depend on celebrities to attract viewers, it wanted real people who can represent its target audience and their segmentation of classes B and C. This is one of the reasons behind its success; viewers can relate to the people in the advert and can relate to the mother’s relationship with her children.


Ramadan’s Riddles

Electrostar has launched a digital campaign to engage with its audience.

The brand posted a snippet of its Ramadan advert but with a missing item and asked the audience about it. The person who guesses the missing item will win a prize from Electrostar. Also, the campaign is receiving a high organic engagement and more riddles are expected to be posted.


From Mother’s Day to Ramadan

The Ramadan campaign and advert are in fact the second part of the Mother’s day campaign.

On Mother’s day, Electrostar had launched a campaign under the name of ‘She’s Handled A Lot’; the campaign is appreciating what mothers do for their kids and how the house chores are hard.

The brand once again depended on the emotional factor to grab the viewers’ attention. In fact, viewers can relate to the advert as it showed the relationship between a mother and her children that the father doesn’t know about. Every mother faced obstacles with her children as the advert showed in how her teenage son smoking in the bathroom and her teenage daughter getting a valentine’s day gift.

This enabled the brand to reach its target audience perfectly as all mothers and their children went through the same situations.

The brand had done a smart move in both Mother’s Day and Ramadan campaign; aside from the two adverts being one whole advert, the brand actually used the same actors. This can strengthen the bond between the viewer and the brand. The viewer created an emotional bond when Mother’s day advert was aired, and with Ramadan’s advert, this bond was strengthened.

Electrostar in both adverts showcased the evolution of the Egyptian family and how it is always covering their needs at different times.


Back to Valentine’s Day

Let’s go back a couple of months when Electrostar launched a Valentine’s Day campaign.

The brand had worked on a really emotional campaign for Valentine’s Day. At first, the brand posted a form to fill for its audience and they will pick 4 couples to interview for Valentine’s Day. On the 14th of February, which marks Valentine’s Day, the brand launched its campaign under the name of ‘How’s Love?’

The video revolves around interviewing 4 married couples being asked about their marriage. At the end of the video, each couple is rewarded with a 50% discount on Electrostar’s fridge ‘Emilia’.


Why Avoiding Celebrity Collaborations

Electrostar believes that using real people selected based on insights are beneficial to the brand strategy to connect with target audience.

Also it was clear in the interview communicating the voice of the workers to reflect the brand voice from people within. Such  H2H (Human to Human) communication is meant to create a long-lasting relationship customers.

What every brand wants is to form a bond with its customers and audience, and presenting people who are similar to the audience in the advert can form this bond. Each of these campaigns depended on the people we meet every day and on the emotional factor.

This made the viewers relate to all campaigns and adverts; either you’re married, a mother, or a grandmother, you will relate to the campaigns.

Strengthen the key messages to revolve around the hashtag (#البيت_بيتغير) brand wanted the viewer to relate to the advert’s idea and showcase the changes and upgrades done by the brand to deliver better products to the customers.

The audience could connect and relate to what the brand is presenting, which resulted in a high engagement on the brand’s social media platforms.

In the end, a brand doesn’t have to always collaborate with celebrities to attract the audience, real people in adverts can make them more realistic to the viewers.

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