How Burger King Stole McDonald’s New Campaign’s Thunder

As much as we love good campaigns, we love when two brands go into a war of campaigns; this is the moment when we see real creativity. Over the years, we have seen many brands launching campaigns to attack each other; the most famous one is Pepsi VS Coca-Cola. It has been going on for years. If you remember years back, we witnessed an Egyptian one between Cadbury and ToDo.

If you follow the social media trends and campaigns, then you are probably familiar with what has been going on for the last couple of days and another war has just started. Yes, we’re talking about McDonald’s and Burger King.



How It All Started

It all started when McDonald’s launched its new campaign and it was all over the billboards.

McDonald’s has launched a campaign that’s its main idea is asking about your Mcdonald’s order, the brand put on billboards the orders of celebrities, such as Asser Yassin, Mostafa Khater, Mohamed Al-Sharnouby, Marwan Younis, Marwan Pablo, Jamila Awad, Amina Khalil, and many more. You can find many billboards with each celebrity’s order with a question “Each one of those has a certain order, what’s yours?”


This is when Burger King stepped in to put its unique touch.



Burger King Knows How To Tease

4 days ago, Burger King took everyone by surprise when they posted on Facebook a post making fun of McDonald’s campaign.

On its official Facebook page, the brand posted a post that says “Don’t order someone else’s order, order what you like”. If you think it ended here, then you’re wrong; 2 days ago Burger King dropped the mic!


The brand posted another post on Facebook stating that it has been in the field of Food and Beverage since 1954, which means before McDonald’s even existed!


All we can say that Burger King is dropping bombs on McDonald’s!



Tracing Back The Roots of  McDonald’s Campaign

The original start of this campaign was in 2020.

In 2020, McDonald’s USA started this campaign with celebrities like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Whoopi Goldberg, Millie Bobby Brown, Keith Urban, Dracula, Marty McFly, Romeo and Juliet, and many more.

It’s the exact same campaign but with little differences that actually made a difference. For example, they chose an old design when they presented Marty McFly; if you don’t know who Marty McFly is, he is the protagonist in the 80s classic Back To The Future.

So, putting an old design is actually a smart idea!

Also, it is worth mentioning that right after this campaign, many people started ordering Kim K’s order. Which is honey as a dipping sauce with nuggets.



Why Wars Through Campaigns Is A Good Idea

The idea of brands attacking each other through campaigns has many benefits.

This war of campaigns is actually a good promotional idea and it benefits both of the brands. The first thing it does is grabbing people’s attention, as everyone will be anticipating and waiting for what the other brand will react.

When every brand presents its product to the mass in this way of promoting, it will actually increase the sales as people will want to try these products, or in this Burger King / McDonald’s situation, the meals.



How People Reacted

There were many different reactions to both campaigns.

McDonald’s campaign received different reactions; some people interacted with the campaign and shared their special orders while others didn’t like it as they wondered “why would they care about celebrities’ orders?!”

The advert so far has over 5 million views.

As for Burger King, the social media posts received a lot of praise, especially among marketers and creatives and many people thought that the brand played it smart.



What about you? Are you team McDonald’s or Burger King?

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