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How 1 post from Mo Salah smashed all telecom campaigns stats in 6 hours

Mohamed Salah has become a global superstar and a national hero for young Egyptians. He continues to inspire and add legitimacy to his legacy by winning more hearts everyday.

Liverpool’s star forward Mohamed Salah was in tears as he left the Champions League final against Real Madrid after 30 minutes with a shoulder injury.

The Egyptian star was injured after landing on his shoulder following a heavy challenge with Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, which automatically put Ramos on Egyptians’ radars which followed with numerous social media attacks.

Regardless of what happened yesterday in the UCL final against Real Madrid, it’s important to recognize Mo Salah’s impact and growing influence on social media.

Mo Salah’s digital popularity was enough to overtake the achievements of all telecom sector campaigns for the Ramadan 2018 season across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with zero ad spend, which leaves us wondering about the value of Mohamed Salah’s brand name.


Mohamed Salah beats all telecom campaigns on Twitter:

Six hours seems to be more than enough for Mo Salah’s tweet to reach 124K to beat by far all the telecom sector retweets for Ramadan 2018’s campaigns (Vodafone + Orange + WE + Etisalat retweets reached 4K retweets in 10 days).

Not only retweets, but it is worth mentioning that The Egyptian King’s followers on Twitter exceeds the four mobile operators’ total number of followers as well. (Mohamed Salah’s followers reaches 5.9M vs. 4.7M followers for Vodafone, Orange, WE and Etisalat.)

Also, Mohamed Salah’s recent tweet gained 366K likes in 6hrs, while all the telecom operators’ tweets for their Ramadan ads reached 23K likes in 10 days, accumulated.


Mohamed Salah beats each telecom brand’s shareability on Facebook.

While on Facebook, the Egyptian star currently has 9.66M fans, making Salah’s page bigger than Telecom Egypt/WE’s Facebook page (7.7M) in terms of number of fans.

Mohamed Salah’s organic reach on Facebook seems to receive greater impact, beating all the mobile operators campaigns during Ramadan 2018, including their Ad budgets.

He appears to be more credible than all other footballers and actors staring in Ramadan campaigns for telecom brands.

In six hours, Mohamed Salah’s post received 98K comments to individually bypass Vodafone (32,800 comments), Orange (29,264 comments), Telecom Egypt (9,280 comments) and Etisalat (36,333 comments).

His post’s 115K share count in just six hours exceeded what Orange achieved in 10 days (112K shares), putting in mind that Orange’s campaign is already leading the telecom sector’s shareability rate on Facebook.

Telecom Ads:


Mohamed Salah beats all telecom engagement on instagram.

The Egyptian’s beloved footballers has already gained more followers (15.1M) than the telecom brands collectively on the photo sharing platform. With Vodafone Egypt at 729K followers, Orange Egypt with 221K followers, Telecom Egypt and its 158K followers and Etisalat Misr with 515K followers.

The Egyptian King’s media published on Instagram to announce his ability to join the Egyptian team in Russia for the world cup competitions broke all of the telecom brands’ numbers for Ramadan 2018 campaigns.

In six hours, Salah’s post received over 2.8M reactions while all telecom brands achieved 210K reactions since the start of the holy month on 17th of May.

Salah bagged 44 goals in all of his matches for Liverpool this season, and Egyptian fans cannot wait to see him in action this June in Russia.

Do you think that Mohamed Salah should join Interbrand’s list for the world’s most valuable brands?

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