Hiring Lessons: Your Guide to Conduct the Perfect Job Interview

As an interviewer, you represent the company you’re working for; you have to know that you are the one who gives the company’s first impression. So, basically, in every interview, you will be one of the reasons why this candidate accepted your company’s offer.

To represent your company in a good way and to make a very good first impression, you have to run the interview perfectly and peacefully. Put in mind that you are your company’s image and in this interview consider yourself the whole company.

If you are new to running interviews or even have some experience, we will give you some tips that could help you in running a successful interview.


1- Read The Resume

The very first common step is reading the resume, but don’t casually read it, you have to understand every job role your candidate’s been through so you can build questions based on it. The resume is a manual that tells you the type of questions you will be asking, so consider it as a guide.


2- Ask The Right Questions for Interviewees

What are you looking for in a candidate? Based on your answer, you have to prepare the right questions you will be asking. You have to be aware of what you will be asking so you can extract the answers that will show you the candidate’s talents.

When you prepare your interview questions, you will be looking for certain features in your future employee. This is why every question matters because it is the key that will show you if this person is right for the job.


3- Don’t Get Too Personal

Avoid asking personal questions. You have to control the interview to keep it on its right track that is related to the business field and the job. Sometimes interviews can take a personal turn and you or the candidate start talking about politics, religion, or society’s problems. Personal opinions should not be shared in a job interview.


4- Make Sure You’re Making It Comfortable

A successful interview starts with being a comfortable one. Make sure your interviewee is comfortable; this will drive them into having proper communication with you.

Part of running a successful interview is making the candidate feel comfortable; this will make them share their experience and be blunt about what they can and can’t do.

Also, avoid any distractions, for example, you can’t pause the interview just to answer a call or answer a colleague. Focus on your candidate and don’t interrupt the interview.


5- Reduce Your Interviewee’s Anxiety

You were once an interviewee, so you know how anxious an applicant could be. You can reduce their anxiety by being friendly; don’t pull a tough face or attitude.

Based on many stories by candidates, there are some interviewers that tend to be so serious by asking the questions and wrap everything up, also, some of them tend to run the interview while being sick so they tend to look bothered the whole time. This won’t help you run a successful interview.

The candidate wants to feel comfortable and wants to be able to share their experience and what they worked on, so, they want the stage to be theirs. You can start the interview by asking them how they feel and tell them that they don’t have to worry, you can also offer them a drink.


6- Make It A Two Way Conversation

Don’t make it too official, you have to let your candidate speak, don’t confine the interview in questions and answer, you both have to communicate. You have to listen more to be able to know if your candidate is passionate or not.

Most of the interviewee skills can be obvious during the interview. This is why you have to make it more of a conversation so they can feel comfortable to speak.


Share with us your secrets on how you run a successful interview.

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