Here Are 6 Factors That Will Help You Build A Good Relationship With Your Colleagues

The first few months in any company you’re working for are very important; this is the time in which you work to prove yourself and to leave a good impression. One of the most important things you have to do when you join a new company is building a good relationship with your colleagues.

So, if you want to know how to build a good relationship with your colleagues, we will tell you how.


1- Have Conversations

When your manager introduces you to your colleagues, be sociable.

Don’t just sit in your office and avoid talking; get involved in conversations and get to know your colleagues. Ask them questions to know what you have in common and this will spark many topics to discuss. Be friendly, be yourself, and include yourself in your team’s activities.


2- Offer Help

Helping a colleague who has too much to do will help you build a good relationship.

If someone in your team is loaded with work and you have time and energy, offer them help. This will form a trust between you and them that will turn into a friendship. Offering a colleague help won’t hurt your work, in fact, it will leave a good impression.


3- Be A Team Player

Each team member has to be cooperative, so don’t work alone all the time.

Your team has to feel that you work well with them and that you’re not selfish. So, whenever you have a task as a team, take part in the brainstorming meeting and work on the project together. Don’t work alone and get ideas on your own without participating with your team, unless your manager asked you to do it alone.

Other than that, your team is your family; you all should collaborate.


4- Respect Each Employee’s Role

Respecting and appreciating each employee’s role will help build a strong relationship with your colleagues.

You don’t know how employees in other departments work, so always show appreciation and respect for what they do. Don’t judge their performance and don’t blame them for any mistakes as long as you don’t work with them.


5- Share Knowledge and Ask for Opinions

Share your knowledge and experience with your team and don’t be shy to ask for their opinions.

As we mentioned earlier, you should have conversations with your colleagues, these conversations can be about your experience and what you have learned. If someone asked for your opinion, let them know and share your own point of view and advice. Your colleagues need to know that you’re helpful and that you have good knowledge that can enhance the team’s performance.

Also, don’t be shy to ask for opinions; this will get you closer to your colleagues. You can ask for opinions regarding your work or regarding something mutual.

Exchanging opinions can be the foundation of a good relationship with your colleagues.


6- Don’t Be A Complainer

It’s ok to complain, every work has its own problems but don’t over complain.

In other words, don’t complain about anything and everything, especially if you’re newly hired. This won’t be a good impression, and no one wants to deal with someone who has a problem with everything in the company.

You have to accept the fact that you will face problems, so learn to solve them on your own without complaining unless it was a serious problem.


Having a good relationship with your colleagues is one of the main reasons that will make you love the company. A good relationship is what makes you show up to work excited and what makes your team succeed.

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