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Helping women break through with Unilever and Misr El Kheir

Women across the world have continued to face the same problem throughout the generations. With certain traditions still remaining strong in today’s world, women are still finding it difficult to be able to work and keep up with household chores

With current economic difficulties, there is a strong need for families to increase their annual incomes. Women has risen up to the challenge many times, but many lose due to traditional and cultural opinions…

Earlier this summer, Unilever Personal Care products launched their Ramadan campaign, “Khody Waatek”, which aimed to encourage women to take their ‘me time’ during the busy and hectic days of Ramadan so she can be ready for all gatherings and at the same time to feel re-energized and give more to her family and her loves ones during this holy month.

In light of this campaign, Unilever has now carried out another initiative aimed at women, which focused specifically on a number of underdeveloped villages in the Qena governorate, including Nag Hammadi, Al Helfayah, and Towayrat and chose 50 brides from these underprivileged communities to donate home appliances to start a new life on Wednesday, July 5th.

Delivering Happiness: Unilever Community Movement

One of the main barriers that women face is the traditions of marriage and household chores. While many women can now save time with the use of machines, not many women are able to afford the luxury.

Is it possible for a company to “deliver happiness?”. Actually it seems that Unilever and Misr El Kheir can indeed deliver happiness, or at least provide the foundation on which it can be built, in communities around Egypt.


A true commitment to corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a crucial obligation for many companies now, due to strong public opinions.

Unilever Mashreq has long shown its deep-rooted commitment to helping women in the country and its interest in developing the country as a whole. Unilever has participated in several development projects, such as the “Zinab” project for providing employment opportunities for women.

A member of Unilever’ team was also available, personally wishing the women all the happiness and luck. This shows the company’s constant pursuit of serving the community, as well as its true commitment to social responsibility.

If you are female, how do you balance home and work? Let us know in the comments below.

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