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Your guide on the road, is now on your mobile

While social media channels are gaining increasing usage, portraying everything from jokes, online ads and viral videos, to social events and interest groups, people tend to divert more towards mobile applications especially when looking for specific field-related information.

Global mobile traffic now represents roughly 13% of Internet traffic, with mobile apps allowing you to access almost all the relevant features of your preference.

Statistically, 51.7% of Facebook users now access the social network exclusively from a mobile device. While in Egypt, 71% of Facebook’s daily active users access it via mobile.

Pirelli Egypt Mobile App

Brands today are moving their communication to where they will find their clients the most accessible, and that is of course, on their mobiles.

Pirelli Egypt is one of those brands, continuously creating ways to be more engaging, more relevant to their lovers, clients and followers. On social media, their #Pirelli_Tips initiative received tremendous liking and success. The tips provided users with useful road-related updates and information from how to parallel park, to the different types of tyres, all the way to everyday traffic conditions.

Pirelli Egypt took this idea a step further, moving it from just being accessible through their Facebook and Instagram accounts, to being conveniently downloadable as an app on your mobile. The app is available on both Android and iOS, making it an easy-use and accessible guide for everyone on the road.

Pirelli's mobile application

Tailor made to enhance your driving pleasure in Egypt. The Pirelli App is just a download away.Download Now:Google Play Store

Posted by Pirelli on Friday, February 17, 2017

Thanks to its sleek interface design, user-friendly experience and relevant information, the Pirelli app is a hub for tyre-related updates and road conveniences. The interface is seamlessly navigated with a clear, categorized menu and a search button for easier and faster access

The app is feature-filled with interesting and useful content that everyday drivers and car owners will find helpful. “Pirelli Tips” and “Pirelli News” follow in the footsteps of the social media approach, enriching your awareness with driving and tyre-oriented tips and advice.

A comprehensive catalogue showcases tyre types and sizes, while the Dealer locator will list the Pirelli branches across the country in just a click of a button. Extremely helpful in emergency situations as well, if your car breaks down, the tow-truck locator will put you in contact with the nearest towing service.

For those always on the road, and always looking for ways to care for their cars, Pirelli Egypt’s mobile application is the way to go.

Download the Pirelli App

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