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Google Plus sends first tweet after four years

The Twitter account of social network Google+ has gone live for the first time in the last four years since it launched.

As such, it is a surprise that Google+ even has its own Twitter account, The social media site asked the ‘Twitterverse’ to give some love for its #firstTweet. It also posted a few individual replies to Twitter users, each containing a Gif, reported The Verge.


It is a little surprising for the tweet to arrive at this time when Google had announced in March that it would dismantle the social network into two separate products- streams and photos, a Mashable report notes.

Last October, Google claimed the social network had 300 million monthly active users, but an April report from digital marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting indicates there are potentially far fewer people who regularly putz around Google Plus, just 111 million, in fact. Put alongside Facebook’s 1.44 billion-strong user base and even Twitter’s 302 million, that’s a drop in the bucket.

The social network’s active Twitter stream is being read as a sign that Google will put some focus back on the service this year. After few public statements about the health and fate of Google+, the network takes to Twitter for some cross-channel marketing fun.

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