Google helps MENA startups with expanded Launchpad Accelerator

As one of the world’s largest and most influential internet companies, Google has continued to expand its empire, like with many tech companies, through helping startups.

And if you’re a budding startup or entrepreneur, Google’s Launchpad Accelerator is a dream.

Unfortunately, the launchpad was initially only available in certain countries in Asia and Latin America. Fortunately, ahead of their newest class of startups announcement, Google has expanded to accept countries in Africa and Europe.

A wide range of countries can now apply for the program, including Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Romania.


The accelerator program is a six-month program, where selected startups are invited for a two-week intensive mentorship bootcamp at Google HQ in Silicon Valley.

There, startups will be able to gain access to over 30 Google teams and experts, engineers and resources. Other resources include speakers from various Silicon Valley startups and tech companies.

Startups will also have the ability to meet and connect with other international startups, networking and building connections for future endeavors.



Afterwards, participants will continue to receive support (up to six-months) from Google via their Google Ambassador, who will continue to provide them with resources and advice.

The Launchpad Accelerator is currently only for tech startups aimed at local markets, and have proven they have a product-market fit. This means applicants must already have traction or work in the field.

Google also considers various other conditions when going through applicants, such as

  • Have you and your team set out to address a real challenge for your home city, country and region?
  • How does it create value for your users?
  • Does your team have the drive and the attitude to become an influencer in your industry?


Applications for the Launchpad Accelerator are open now, due date to apply for the program is October 2, 2017. You can apply here.

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