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How Global Brands Targeting Regional Markets in Sports Broadcasting?

As marketers and advertisers, after you finish your world-class content, whether you are an international brand or a local one, what do you care about the most in the next phase?

That your content reach your targeted audience at the optimum time to deliver the most impact, Correct? We thought so too.

This is why we are showcasing how DBRlive by Supponor, is using Augmented Reality (AR) to deliver an impactful branding and tailored advertisement in international sports to reach the right audience at key moments. It’s transforming the inconvenient traditional in-event advertisement to unique digital media product.

Football being the number one sport watched by more than 3.5 billion viewers spread throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

This kind of international market can’t be neglected in any brand’s marketing strategy plan. When you advertise in such top tier events you reach your targeted audience sublimely as you are ubiquitous in the background, capturing their attention at times, and even when you lose it, your ad is already imprinted in their minds.

Global brands targeting regional markets; Glocalization

When you are a global brand, then your content are created in different languages that offers unique key messages depending on the region or country you plan on producing the ads in.

It is quite challenging to create only one message and language in an international event, you will miss out on reaching a greatly vast amount of audience that could benefit from your service or product.

DBRlive works in a way that all you have got to do is create the localized content and they will broadcast it throughout any digital device and platform to ultimately, reach the desired customer demographically.

Even more than that, targeting unique individuals based on their online searches, insuring that the right message gets to the right audience and most importantly at the right time.

Regional brands advertising in international events; Audience segmentation

If you are a regional or local brand, you can still advertise your product or service through intentional events watched by almost 3.5 billion people from all around the world. Since it is a great opportunity to have almost all your targeted audience in one place, watching the same thing at the same time!

DBRlive will customize your brand’s advertisement to be viewed in a certain region. When you are present in a world-class event it gives your brand credibility and niche attributes.

Innovation in digital media

This is not the first time we notice Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) causing a hype and changing the way we preview things. Literally.

Digital media has been seeing many innovations throughout the past couple of years, from Virtual Reality (VR) in fashion shows, Augmented Reality (AR) games like Pokemon Go, and stadiums banners that advertise many different advertisements in live events all over the globe, on various devises all at the same time.

DBRlive is a world-class technology that not only broadcast your tailored ads to your targeted audience, it also broadcast in outdoors stadiums, indoors ice rinks, it has better quality than LED screens as the ads stays sharp in bright sunlight.

When players or anyone disturb the physical advertisement, the DBRlive technology renders perfect images in real time. Since this is a replacement technology rather than a virtual one, the physical advertisement in stadiums do not change for the in-event fans.

The most beneficiary and selling aspect is that they use real-time data to place ads and product messages at key moments of the event to deliver it at the optimum time for highest impact.

DBRlive transforms traditional in-event advertisement and sports broadcasting to be more dynamic, more digital, “connecting fans and brands through the power and passion of sport.”

In Conclusion; This kind of revolutionary technology is opening many doors and opportunities for brands to place their tailored ads in niche events, with the right technology, content and optimum placement timing. Your brand can only ascend to new heights.

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