Funny + Money: Banque Du Caire Launches Mobile Banking Campaign Starring Marwan Younis With His Mom

Over the years, we have been seeing the banking sector releasing creative adverts to outreach mass audience and educate more people about financial services.

Most of the banking brands these days are competing with each other when it comes to adverts and we can frankly say that they know how to promote themselves and how to create adverts that grab the viewer’s attention right away.

Since we are viewers, our attention was grabbed by a campaign launched by Banque Du Caire; it is one of the most creative, and funny campaigns ever.

So, let’s dig deeper to give you the full details.


What to Know About The Campaign

Mobile banking is on the rise due to Covid-19. Banque De Caire launched this campaign to promote its new banking application under the name of “Unlimited Chances” or #فرص_بلا_حدود

The whole goal of the campaign is to promote the BDC Mobile Banking Application and its provided services. A person can register to keep up with their account, pay installments, transfer money, and so on without visiting the branch.

The application is just like any banking application, but the campaign is not like any other campaign.


The First Phase: The Teaser Campaign

A 16 secs teaser video and a cover photo. On the 4th of February, Banque Due Caire’s Facebook page launched the teaser campaign, which is a 16 mins video of the famous Radio Host, influencer, and actor Marwan Younis and his beloved mother agreeing to check the bank’s safe at night.

The same day, the Facebook page changed its cover photo to Marwan Younis and his mom.


The Second and Final Phase: The Reveal

Later on the 4th of February, the first advert was released and yes, it’s only the first, because there are more than just one.

On the 12th and 19th of February, the rest of the adverts were launched. The campaign is a series of 3 adverts with a collaboration done with Marwan Younis and his mother. Each advert promotes the services that the application provides.

The adverts are creative and funny and collaborating with the hilarious Younis and his mom added a certain flavor to the campaign.




Reaching All Segments of Audience

When it comes to the banking sector, you do have a target audience but you still want to reach all segments.

This is what the advert has done, it gathered all the elements that could grab people’s attention. Youth and young adults are all familiar with Marwan Younis and his mom, so they will definitely watch the advert, as for elders, Younis’s mom represents them with her questions in the advert.

Old people usually get tired of visiting the bank especially with the recent circumstances, so the advert will deliver to them the idea of using the application instead of going to the bank.

Most families can relate to the advert’s ideas and humor is a huge factor that will earn the audience’s admiration. So, technically whoever watches the advert will relate to it, understand it, and will admire the humor.


Millions of Views

The 3 adverts earned millions of views on YouTube and Facebook.

As we mentioned almost 3 weeks ago the first copy of the campaign was released on both Facebook and YouTube. On Facebook, it has 6.9 Million Views, 15K Likes, 1.4K Comments, and 633 Shares. As for YouTube, it has 1.5 million views.

The second copy has 1.8 million views on YouTube, 7.1 million views on Facebook, and 15K Likes. As for the third copy, it has 966K views on YouTube, 4 million views on Facebook, and 2.6K Likes


Share with us your opinion regarding the campaign and tell us how you view the banks’ adverts.

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