French Vine Star Jerome Jarre Just Rejected 1M $ Ad Deal in a Crazy Way

Jerome Jarre is a French entrepreneur, Vine star and Snapchat star. As of June 2014, he was the fourth most followed individual on Vine. The same month he became one of the first Snapchat celebrities. After starting several businesses in China and Canada, Jarre started posting videos on Vine the day of its launch. Thereafter he left his business to completely focus on Vine. In May 2013, he co-founded GrapeStory, a talent agency for Vine and Snapchat stars.

In China, Jarre started several businesses, one of which became successful and he used the money to move to Toronto and co-founded a software company, Atendy, with Christopher Carmichael. While he was in Toronto, he heard about Vine’s launch and made an account on the platform. He started making Vines while he was still managing his business and later left his business to completely focus on Vine.

A newly published YouTube video shows Jerome Jarre going into his agency and turning down $1 million for a one-year contract with what he called “world’s biggest brand,” which goes undeclared.

Maybe he just want to keep his passion to keep his brand un-corrupted by rejecting 1M UDS or, may be he would like to increase the value for his brand to be recognized as trustworthy name and come back with more branded content ?!

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