Formula 1 rebrands iconic 30-year old logo

Formula One unveiled a new logo at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday as the first step in the rebranding of the U.S-owned racing championship. The previous logo and trademark was used by the championship since 1993.

The new identity cements a year of change for F1, as it hopes to re-engage its global fan base. The design was inspired by feedback from fans across the globe, while the redesign and brand overhaul was led by Ellie Norman, Formula 1’s first Director of Marketing.

The design, described as symbolizing the look of a Formula One car with a ‘modern-retro feel’, replaces one introduced three decades ago by former commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone.


The expensive redesign by Liberty Media, the American owners of the company that controls Formula One, replaces the logo which was introduced by former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, and has stood for 23 years.

The new visual identity echoes the shape of a Formula 1 car – flat, low to the ground, an icon of speed rather than a diagrammatic representation of it. It has a modern-retro feel with enough aggression in its engineered sharpened edges to hint at both the technical prowess of the teams, while leaning into the extreme and dynamic nature of the sport.

Sean Bratches, Formula One’s MD, said the new logo shows the broader transformation occurring in the sport, as its owner, US media conglomerate Liberty Media, attempts to widen the sport’s appeal and “lead it into a digital future.”

New Misson Statement

Formula One also unveiled its mission statement with five key behaviors. The five ‘key behaviors’ are listed as: ‘Revel in the racing,’ ‘Make the spectacle more spectacular,’ ‘Break down borders,’ ‘Taste the oil’ and ‘Feel the blood boil.’

The first involves working with teams and the FIA to improve racing, the second to build up events around races, and create more of a buzz, while the third is about increasing the audience and drawing in new fans with digital technology.

The last two relate to presenting the technology in a more compelling way, and highlighting the human emotions and rivalries.

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