Ford Mustang Speed Dating Prank for Valentine's Day 2015

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air. Ford recruited a professional female driver to take several unsuspecting men on blind dates at a coffee shop in Dallas. Ford used a Mustang and a blonde stunt driver to prank blind dates that starts with the female stunt driver plays ‘dumb blonde’ with blind dates before leaving them speechless with her rally tricks.

Don’t tell the nice girl you just met that you’re a ninja. Or that you like to party. And when you’re in the car, don’t brag that you’ll show her “what this thing can do.” Because she might be a professional stunt driver, and then you’ll look foolish. Which is bad for you, but good for those of us that get to watch the video.

Watch how this stunt takes the concept of speed dating to a whole new level.

Take a 2015 Mustang and a beautiful professional stunt driver. Then, ask a bunch of unsuspecting guys to meet her on a blind date they’ll never see coming. Welcome to Mustang Speed Dating.

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