Flex is Ahmed El-Sakka’s New Superpower

Vodafone started a new campaign for the flex tariff named “Flex coins” with the hash-tag [#تعمل اكتر…خليك_فليكس ] starring Ahmed El-Sakka, the action icon in the Egyptian cinema.

The idea that El-Sakka is always known as an intrepid fearless guy who is always eager to help people in need, even in his real life, makes him a very suitable choice.

He is also known with his crazy love for horses as he even owns his own stables in Sakkara. That’s why the appearance of “Bangar”, the horse, was meaningful especially that it conveyed the sense of speed in Vodafone’s services since horses mean speed.

In less than 8 days, the ad hit 8.4M views on YouTube and 4.3M on Facebook.

The ad can easily remind you of Will Smith’s comedy movie, Hancock. It has the same theme of the super hero with incredible powers and good intensions that often causes more damage than he prevents while performing heroic acts.

A bit of humor is always welcomed!

We can state that the comedy twist of the commercial makes it memorable because people are more likely to stay and watch something humorous.

On the most basic level, something that connects all humans is laughter. Plus, the digital shareability for funny ads on digital mediums subsequently increases campaign awareness and engagement.

It is noticeable that the graphics and special effects used in the commercial were done professionally with good quality which increases the ad appeal making it more eye-catching.

Be Flex..Do More

Through the new Flex campaign, Vodafone is offering its users a generous offer by exchanging all the used Flex units with Flex coins. Flex coins can be used to buy Flex bundles and services or to purchase products\services from Ravin, KFC, Careem, and Hardees.

The Flex coins will be added to your account on the 2nd and the 16th of each month.

All you need to do is to change your system to Flex by calling *880#

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