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Mozilla launches Firefox “Send” encrypted file-sharing platform

Since Google Chrome’s boom in popularity, Firefox Mozilla research engineers  have been working on emerging technologies to expand the foundations of the open web. Mozilla engineers have continued to try and rebuild the once super popular web browser.

Getting in gear for a comeback, Mozilla has been working on making Firefox faster and better than ever. Creating the Test Pilot add-on, the team have been experimenting with new features that could be added onto the browser.

Yesterday, the company released that they are testing a few new items, including the now much talked about “Send.”


Mission Impossible/SnapChat styled file sharing

Much like many other online file sharing websites, users can upload large files onto the website, up to 1GB with Send.

Things change once the upload is completed, a popup with the link will state that the file will expire after one download or after 24 hours.



While this is an interesting concept, and definitely something many people with confidential work will use, it is inconvenient for bulk sending to multiple people.

The web-based file sharing website can be used on any browser, encrypting files as they are uploaded.

Send works just like other file sharing options, such as WeTransfer, uploading and downloading quickly. Its extra feature is simply peace of mind, no worries about other people downloading confidential or important files from the same link ever again.


Firefox other experimental features:

Firefox Snooze Tabs:

Get focused with this new addition, Snooze Tabs allows users to snooze a webpage and set up an alarm for it to pop back up again. This allows users to snooze webpages such as recipes or important mail, with a reminder and page pop up, that can go up to a year or more.

Firefox Notes:

The third and last new feature is called Notes and is a simple sidebar notepad.

There’s nothing special about this one, which seems to be inspired by a native Vivaldi feature. Existing Firefox add-ons like QuickNote provide a similar feature, even with more customizable options.

Basic formatting options are available to stylize text and make it pop.


Firefox Containers:

Containers allow users to separate their lives with the help of this feature. Containers save browser cookies separate, so users can visit websites using different containers and will not be connected by the website.

This allows users to log in on different accounts on the same website, as well as feel safer while web browsing.


Firefox Min Vid:

Min Vid allows users to finally move around the internet without having to skip viewing the video they are watching. Min Vid is a browser media player that is placed in the foreground of the browser window, which can be dragged anywhere.

Firefox Voice Fill:

The second experimental feature is not that new and groundbreaking. It’s a simple add-on that adds voice search capabilities to various online websites.

For now, the Voice Fill add-on allows users to voice-fill search fields on websites such as Google, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. Mozilla promises to add support for more websites in the future.


Watching YouTube and other videos will become easy, now you can continue browsing the web while watching that funny video or documentary.

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