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Facebook Releases New Update to Boost Original News Content

Over the years, we have seen Facebook releasing many updates to its platform to enhance it for better performance and to satisfy the audience. Through people’s experience on Facebook, it was obvious that it always puts the user’s interest first and present it on the timeline. Every click you do on Facebook counts so it, later on, can identify what interests you and what doesn’t.


People Depend on Facebook For Any News

The spread of the Coronavirus pandemic is one of the reasons that made Facebook decide to add other updates to the News Feed algorithm. Ever since the pandemic invaded the whole world, people mostly go to Facebook to follow up with the news and any recent updates regarding the virus or any other news in general. Even News outlets and the Ministry of Health posts all of the COVID-19 updates on Facebook.

Therefore, Facebook decided to update the news feed by boosting original news content and general news to be the first to appear to people. The update will also include an element to look at the Transparent Authorship of any piece of article of news.


2 Main Elements The Update Is Focusing On

Original Reports

Facebook wants to boost original news content; in other words, if a news outlet is the first to release a story or a report then the Facebook update will boost the original releaser of the news.

This means that if a story is published by several News Outlets, Facebook will detect to Identify the original reporter and boost its report to be ahead of the others.

The platform wants to help those who put a huge effort into producing original content or reports and this update might make a difference with the news outlets when it comes to distribution; Facebook also says that those outlets might even witness a change regarding distribution due to this update.


Transparent Authorship

The second element of the update is “Transparent Authorship”, meaning that Facebook will look for authentic articles with the writer’s name on it. Since people go to Facebook to be updated with news, Facebook wants to give them authentic news articles, so, it will boost real authentic news articles with staff names to avoid any fake news and those clickbait websites.

So, if a website doesn’t include it’s the name of the writer or the staff, it might have a decrease in the number of reach.


The new update will help many reporters and news outlets who depend on authenticity and transparency and they might notice a change in their number of reach on Facebook and on their website. So, for Facebook to boost your article to appear first to those who are interested, it has to be original and it has to have the name of the writer.

Do you think this update will be a help to those who produce news content? And will it be effective?

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