Experts’ Expectations For 2022: Eslam Hossam Shares His Thoughts On Advertisement

With every new year, there are new challenges and new trends; there’s always something new we come across in every business field, some fields thrive and flourish while others beat challenges to develop.


Starting 2022 Strong

To kick off 2022, we decided to create a simple guide for creatives who work in the advertisement industry. If you’re a copywriter, director, or creative director and still got no vision of what 2022 could bring, we will try to make it easy for you.

We decided to ask the experts in this field to share with us and the readers their thoughts on the new year regarding advertisement.

If you’re a social media geek and keeping up with adverts, then you probably know who Eslam Hossam is. Eslam is a creative director at Elephant Egypt and has worked on many successful campaigns for big brands like Nestle, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Etisalat, and many more. He is also famous for his hilarious videos on Facebook and Instagram.

We decided to ask Eslam a few questions about his expectations for 2022 when it comes to the creative/adverts field and he gave us great answers that can be used as insights for a future reference for copywriters.


1- What are the factors that adverts will depend on in 2022?

Same factors I guess! With a slight change, I believe we’re going faster this year. I also expect better usage of different digital mediums and platforms.


2- What are the expected trends to be used in adverts in 2022? For example, the Rap genre became a trend in Egypt so it was used in jingle-based adverts.

Looking back at the last two years we already overused the rap trend. This year we will be having more original pieces written by someone who is really bored.


3- When it comes to the creative field, what are the learned lessons from 2021 that will be applied in 2022?

Following trends may seem a good solution until we end up producing the same ad over and over again.


4- Grabbing the viewer’s attention to a certain advert gets harder every year, what are the factors that will grab the attention in 2022?

Well-crafted short pieces of entertainment.


5- What is your favorite campaign in 2021?

1- No to drugs campaign – Ramadan 2021.

2- Value


6- A global and a local client you want to work with?

Global: Mercedes.

Local: Flamenco.


Eslam Hossam’s Adverts

Here are some of Eslam’s adverts.


We would love to thank Eslam Hossam for sharing his expectations and thoughts with us and wait for more experts’ expectations.

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