Eva B-White: 1st Egyptian Brand To Redefine Beauty Standards

The beauty standards have changed and over the years, people and brands have been trying to change the idea of beauty standards for women. Many communities have been asserting the concept that women are beautiful just the way they are no matter what their skin tone is.

One of the very famous brands in Egypt is changing its communication message to communicate that beauty doesn’t have standards. This brand is Eva B-White and it has decided to drop words like ‘White’, ‘Light’, and ‘Fair’ to deliver the message that skin colors don’t define beauty.


Eva B-White New Communication Message

A couple of months ago the whole world stood by the African American community in the United States of America and everyone participated in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ initiative. This initiative is one of the reasons why Eva B-White decided to make a change in its communication.

The brand is affirming that it is unifying the skin tone and reducing dark spots rather than whitening the skin.


The Greater Diversity of Beauty

The words ‘Light’ and ‘White’ impose a certain ideal of beauty that is completely wrong, as you don’t have to be white or have a lighter skin color to be beautiful. Therefore, the cosmetics brand stated that it only cares about treating the skin tone aside from its color and to stop using any material that communicates changing the whole complexion.

In fact, Eva B-White products help unifying its tone and removes any dark spots to give the consumer clear smooth skin. This is what the brand is asserting since it has a global portfolio of skincare products that care about all skin colors and the diversity of women’s beauty.


The ‘Black and White’ Campaign

Eva B-White has launched a campaign that showcasing black and white photos to explain how the skin tone can be unified and how it can show the beauty of the face’s features.

While every woman wants to take care of themselves financially, emotionally and physically, the campaign created a new concept for beauty so that the new definition of beauty empowers instead of judging.

Eva B-White is the idea igniter for the Egyptian market to remove words relating to changing the skin color.

The brand has collaborated with social media influencers to launch a challenge where girls take black and white photos of themselves to show how unified their skin tone by using Eva B-White products.


The cosmetics brand wants people to understand the true depth of their beauty. Do you think the campaign succeeded to inspire greater creativity and deeper authenticity in people’s lives?


Empowering Egyptian Women

It is undeniable that women play an important role in society and carry a huge burden on their shoulders. Eva Cosmetics has been a constant supporter of women معاً لدعم المرأة المصرية and the brand’s goal is to enrich their lives and support those who are in managerial roles.

As we all know women go through many challenges on daily basis from carrying the responsibilities of their families to managing their jobs and work. Therefore, the brand has launched an initiative that created programs that tackle those challenges and give women the support they need to reach their full potentials.

Also, it produced different kinds of content to give proper support to women in all fields. Through this content, women can know more about nutrition and psychology, in addition to beauty tips and they are provided with child entertainment and comics.

The brand started a move, which is one of the multiple steps all over the 100 years that proves that the brand believes in supporting and defending women in the community. It is observable the huge effort that the brand is doing in order to support women in our society and this won’t be the last step, the brand is working on other actions to support women in every possible way.


The Community Support of Eva Cosmetics During Covid-19

We all had to stick together during the quarantine and the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic as many people suffered during this crisis. Eva Cosmetics was one of the brands that stood by the people and the health workers.

The brand utilized all of its resources at its manufacturing sites to produce thousands of tons of hand sanitizers in different sizes to launch them into the market at a reasonable price.

The caring brand had also collaborated with the Ministry of Health to provide the medical frontliners with a huge amount of quantities of liquid hand soap and moisturizing hand cream to avoid the side effects of the antiseptic products.

During this period many families lost their jobs especially those who depended on daily work; therefore, Eva Cosmetics had supported 30,000 families by providing them with their basic needs.

It is great to see these initiatives that the brand has been launching to support our community in every possible way and that the brand is confirming that it will keep launching more initiatives and movements to support the community.

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