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Etisalat Misr shows the exemplary model of a responsible employer

For a company to be successful, it has to have happy and loyal employees as they are the ones that lead the company to achieve huge success and good reputation. So, if you want your company to be on top, then provide your team with a work environment that gets them excited to work relentlessly every day. This is what Etisalat has been doing.

Etisalat who is one of the top leading operating companies in Egypt was awarded the Top Employer Certification. The award came for their dedication, the great HR department and for providing their employees a great work environment.

The solid concept that Etisalat adopted is “People”. The term “People” is what matters the most to the company because this is what shapes the company and what forms its name and reputation. Keeping your employees happy and maintaining their satisfaction is the key to a successful and fortunate future for the company. The happy they are, the productive they get to be!

Etisalat’s consider its employees as family and its main concern is to develop their skills, provide them with the required knowledge and help them grow as they are the reason why it is one of the top leading companies and the reason behind every achieved goal.

The Human Resources department is the one who can make all of this happen!  They are doing an extraordinary job towards employees. One of their targets and the strategy they are following is to create a comfortable work environment that attract other talents and make them eager to join Etisalat.

They also have taken measures during the COVID 19 pandemic as they wanted to keep their business flowing and that’s why they’ve shifted their HR activities online, canceling all in-person training, contract signings and face-to-face interviews and, swapping them for video conferencing calls instead.

They’ve also got online training sessions and e-learning solutions to make sure the remote working environment is managed in the most efficient way. This is in addition to all the precautionary measures that has been taken by the department and the management to ensure the safety of the team and the business continuity.

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