etisalat by e&: A New Rebranding Story That Tells The Successful Transformation of Etisalat

Every brand’s rebranding tells a great success story and in order for this new journey to succeed, a lot of research and planning has to be done. To set an example of a successful rebranding story, we have witnessed a huge transformation of Etisalat Egypt as it became Etisalat by e&. This transformation followed the major change of Etisalat Group UAE as it officially became e& to serve a new futuristic ambitious vision.

One of the reasons for a brand to go through this process is to present something new whether a solution, a product, an expansion, or an investment, and sometimes all that is mentioned. This is why Etisalat Egypt became Etisalat by e&.

The Tactical Move for Rebranding Into “etisalat by e&”

Fundamentally, well-established businesses tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, but in the technology industry, revolutionary ideas drive the next significant steps.

Many tech giant brands have gone through a major rebranding process and transformed themselves from being just a brand to a mother brand just like what Facebook did to officially become Meta and when Google abruptly renamed itself Alphabet.

Etisalat Egypt became Etisalat by e& as it is a new brand identity to reflect the recent Group positioning. Etisalat Egypt changed everything starting from the logo, and the colors, to its name, and gave itself a complete new identity with a new promise of a whole new world of possibilities of empowering communities digitally using the hashtag #MakePossible to mark the shift from being a mobile provider into a tech solutions provider.

After always relating the green color to Etisalat, we will soon get used to the two colors Red and Black, which can represent the brand’s strength and stability in moving to a new global level.

The red color is also used to reflect the brand evolution and plans to accelerate its leadership in line with its objectives for exploring new geo-markets and targeting new strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

e&: Global Tech Player Serving International Markets

As a part of e&, etisalat by e& has been playing a vital role as a tech player in the Egyptian market over the past years; the brand has presented its users with very creative solutions to facilitate their everyday life. The company has also presented other creative solutions to help enterprises.

With 46 years of experience, e& technologies are powering people and societies to accomplish more around 16 countries across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

One of the brand’s goals is to connect the world, which is achieving it through its telecom brands.

e& already operates in 16 countries across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. e&’s telecom brands are serving many international markets like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Togo, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chad, Benin, Mali, Gabon, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, and many more countries. Each company has its mobile service provider under a different name but they are all under the mother company e&.

Reportedly, Etisalat may make an announcement soon about “potential joint ventures, acquisitions and listings of subsidiaries,” and possibly one on a transaction related to Egypt’s FinTech sector according to Reuters.

The e& Brand Strategic Targets

The brand-new look comes with the main objective of expanding to cover more activities related to technology rather than just focusing only on the telecom business.

e& has come up with a brilliant strategy named “TARGET” to gather all operating companies under its umbrella to help seek more opportunities and grow faster.

The brand wants to drive the digital future to empower societies as well as accelerate value generation through innovation and digitization. Through the “TARGET” strategy, e& will raise capabilities and develop talent across the Group and it will help the B2B/digital grow across the footprint.

etisalat by e&: More Than Just A Telecom Company

One of the main goals e& aspires to achieve is empowering the communities digitally as it is investing in new markets and areas. The brand is putting its customers first as it provides a high level of communication services and supports them through innovative digital solutions.

Through hitting on its partnerships with both the private and public sectors to serve its consumers and corporate partners with digital solutions, Etisalat has provided the market with the best digital services like e-signatures, elmenus redeemable points, software solutions with Zoho, e-wallets and its OTTs, such as Twist, Etisalat TV, Etisalat Sports, and Etisalat Cash.

 “etisalat by e&” Seeks New Markets for Investments

etisalat by e& has put a smart expansion plan as it is seeking new markets to invade with its investments. The brand is investing in the enterprise industry as it has served government entities and large organizations by designing, building, and operating huge projects. Through innovative vertical value propositions, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and IoT & AI, it can provide more sustainable development, safer cities, better government services, future banking, connected healthcare, highly automated industries, manufacturing and logistics, and enriched education.

etisalat by e& can provide any organization, with advanced digital platforms, innovative ecosystems, flexible business models, and 24/7 end-to-end operations.

The brand is also investing in building apps and products that enable users to experience more life, and in ideas to build a better future for all people.

With this massive ambitious plan for expansion, we expect Etisalat to be part of major projects that help Egypt’s plan to enter the digital transformation era.

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