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ESLSCA: 20 Years of Inspiring Business Communities

There is always a time in someone’s working life in which they start to ask questions such as, “how much is my work worth,” “am I growing enough,” and “am I ok with where I am?”

These are common questions, whether you are on the more advanced or earlier levels of your career.

When people think of their career, most people continue to subscribe to the classic model of career progression. They may imagine a graph, in which their career has a steady increase over time at their workplace, until it suddenly falls into a flat line.

In today’s world, the career curve has many ups and downs. Today, there is no steady and predicable progression to one’s career.

This is where self-investment and self-improvement comes in.

Self-investment is crucial for those who are looking to step up their career game, unfortunately, many people still continue to overlook the importance of self-improvement, settling for the ordinary career pace then complain about the lack of opportunity and luck.

Why you should invest in yourself

We have a gift for learning. We, as humans, are able to learn more than most other beings on Earth, which helped us get to where we are today.

Learning pushes us and challenges us, to fight against the boundaries we and others place upon ourselves, which in turn hinders our progression  further.

It is by continuous learning and being open to new possibilities that we can improve our quality of life and seize new opportunities.

In fact, self-improvement and self-investment come largely from our choice to progress and learn.

It can also Improve careers on the long run. By simply learning and growing oneself, people can “hack the curve,” meaning the ability to take a shortcut to a higher rank on the career ladder.

Hacking the Curve

When it comes to the right way to hack the regular career curve, self-investment is the first and foremost step to achieving the right results.

You can learn more about hacking the curve with the entity that coined the term: ESLSCA Business School.

ESLSCA’s Hack the Curve, is a quarterly motivational seminar that focuses on bringing self-improvement and advancement back to the forefront of people’s minds as they navigate the professional world.

By bringing together some of the brightest minds and inspirational figures in the corporate world to guide attendees on the true value of investing in education through real-life examples and experiences they went through to get to where they are today.

Founded in 1949, Paris ESLSCA Business School is a private and independent institution of higher education with over 65 years of excellence in management education and a worldwide alumni network.

ESLSCA offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that meet all students’ educational requirements including executive training certificates.

Become the next “change agent” and pick up your ticket from the Mohandesseen or Heliopolis branch or pay online and get your ticket reserved so you can claim it on-door at the event.

Payment link:

The ticket will give you access to Hack The Curve Seminar and Corporate/ Startups Talks

Career Advising Fair

Starting the day with an off-the-beaten-track employment fair, set in a colorful set-up and friendly ambience, featuring both the dynamos of the business world: major Corporations as well as Start-Ups.

Each representative of the participating companies will be giving a 20-minute talk to the attendees, touching upon a variety of topics, aiming at developing a solid knowledge about the challenges faced within their industries, as well as dos-and don’ts when it comes to CV-writing and job interviews. Organizations and startups will be able to show off their expertise, know-how and help guide interested individuals with motivational talks and advice. Entrance is free.

Celebrating a journey of Inspiring Business Communities:

On May 11th, ESLSCA will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in Egypt by hosting 3 mega events starting with its third Career Advising Fair, the 2nd edition of Hack the Curve seminar, and concluding it with a grand soiree evening reuniting all ESLSCA graduates since the year of inception 1998 up till present.

Mark your calendars on Friday, 11th of May for ESLSCA’s biggest business event of the year at Dusit Thani Lakeview, New Cairo.

Mark your calendars on Friday, 11th of May for ESLSCA’s biggest business event of the year at Dusit Thani Lakeview, New Cairo.
Check out their Facebook event page here

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