Engezni Raises $30,000 in Seed Funding from Oasis500

Is there an easy, friendly, way to keep up with all the food offerings in Cairo (let alone Egypt), a city of 20,000+ food outlets? Is there a way your friends could become your network for finding unknown but amazing food outlets? Is there a way to meet like-minded foodies, follow them and share your food experiences with each other? What about ordering online? Is the current available model for online food ordering efficient and easier than using the phone? Not really. Engezni solves the problem on all four accounts.

The tech startup successfully secured $30,000 in seed funding from Oasis500, the leading early stage and seed investment firm in Jordan and the MENA region. Oasis500’s investment includes entrepreneurship training, mentorship guidance, business incubation and additional follow-up investment and funding. Oasis500 mainly invests in creative ideas in Information Technology (IT) and Mobile and Digital Media.

Engezni is a social food network for people to discover the best restaurants around Egypt, order online and go social about it by sharing their experience. In addition to its social network the company specializes in offering value-added services for the F&B sector in Egypt that enable brands to gain traction and increase their ROI in technology and digital marketing.

The investment news follow Engezni’s launch event on January 17th as the startup launched its beta Anrdoid app and website through organizing Egypt’s biggest food festival and making a buzz in the F&B sector by attempting a Guinness World Record for World’s Biggest Koshary.

Engezni plans to pursue further funding as its team hunts and discovers the best food around Egypt and recommends it to a wide fan base on its social media platforms.

Source: engezni food blog

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