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Encouraging cooperation and partnerships: Narrative PR Summit drops 2018 recommendations

As the year’s ending ceremonies begin, and people start to prepare for the up-coming year, resolutions for the new year are starting to be built. From the individual to the large companies, plans for resolutions and changes have began to formulate.

Narrative PR Summit, the country’s annual gathering on Nation Branding, is helping the country prepare for 2019’s newest challenges with their newest recommendations.

Every year, the PR summit releases recommendations, with this year’s report prepared by a group of 23 local and international policymakers, Egyptian ministers, corporate chiefs and senior professionals. As always, Narrative aims to improve the country’s brand image both internationally and locally.

“Narrative PR Summit is designed to promote a positive brand image for Egypt by empowering influential leaders across various industries to advise on how to tackle challenges facing the country, build a strong nation brand and best compose the image the country presents to the world,” said Lamia Kamel, CEO of Egyptian communications agency CC Plus which founded the summit.

“We have come up with a summarized list of the 10 most important recommendations introduced during the summit’s third round which will be used to develop an action plan for improving Egypt’s nation brand.”

According to this year’s recommendations, 2019 mainly calls for establishing partnerships with key global organizations, influential change-leading figures and media outlets to help improve the country’s reputation and boost its tourism industry.

Here are the 10 suggestions by 2018’s Narrative PR Summit.


  1. Encourage cooperation with influential leaders and seasoned professionals that can provide support in crafting Egypt’s brand image
  2. Create an organized database of influential global figures whose support will be enlisted in the future
  3. Partner with international organizations and multinational PR firms to help Egyptian leaders with best practices on how to formulate a positive brand image for Egypt
  4. Reach out to key international figures through local embassies to create Brand Ambassadors for the “Changing Egypt’s Narrative” campaign
  5. Approach powerful media platforms through key individuals such as Elizabeth Linder, the founder of Beautiful Destinations–the largest travel community on social media
  6. Prepare a plan to organize 3 annual forums in key industries, including technology, energy and financial inclusion, to promote a more positive impression for the country through international events
  7. Team up with media organizations to promote the country on their platforms by addressing success stories, recommendations by local and international leaders and etc.
  8. Partner with media producers to enhance Egypt’s image through their content
  9. Incorporate Egypt’s brand image in local educational curriculum through informative content
  10. Support local events through sponsorships to promote Egypt and Egyptians internationally through various fields and industries


“Linder [of Beautiful Destinations] visited Egypt to attend the summit and we had introduced her to the Egyptian tourism minister. We expect her to play a major role in promoting Egypt’s tourism in the coming period,” Kamel noted, adding that other figures, including international speaker Gordon Tredgold, have expressed enthusiasm to work on renovating Egypt’s brand image.

This year’s Narrative PR Summit was sponsored by Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly. Speakers from this year’s summit included Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Waly, Minister of Tourism Rania Al-Mashat, US Department of State officer and spokesman of the US embassy in Cairo Samuel Werberg, UNFPA Egypt Representative Aleksander Bodiroza and global affairs analyst Michael Bociurkiw.

You can find more details about their recommendations on Narrative’s Facebook page.

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