ElAraby Group: The First To Celebrate Father’s Day in Egypt

Over the years, we have seen many campaigns and adverts that depend on the emotional factor; some of them did trigger our emotions and touched our hearts while others didn’t. Since we always keep an eye on the newly released campaigns, we have come across one that made us shed many tears.

ElAraby Groups has launched one of the most beautiful and emotional adverts that once you watch it, you will instantly fall in love.


“Thank You, Dad”

ElAraby Group has decided to be the first brand ever in Egypt to celebrate Father’s Day.

Almost a week ago, the prominent brand has released its campaign to celebrate father’s day through a beautiful advert. The idea was to celebrate fathers, shed a light on their role with their children, and show them appreciation.

The advert is 1:30 minute and it takes you on a journey to remind you of everything your father did for you and how he is and will always be your backbone; so grab a box of tissues while watching.

Spreading Positivity In The Community

ElAraby Group has always been spreading positivity and raising awareness regarding the concept of appreciation in general. This is why most of its campaigns always urge people to appreciate what they have and appreciate every person’s role in the community.

One of the brand’s goals is to always bring families together as it always appreciates the mother’s role in the community and it always sheds light on how she’s her kids’ sanctuary. We have seen that through its campaigns like Thank You, Mom, I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for my mom, I love you, mom, because you’re a part of me, From the heart, thank you, mom, and many more.

Since the brand celebrated the mother’s role back on Mother’s Day, this time it was the father’s turn. ElAraby Group wants Father’s Day to be celebrated just like mother’s day, this is why it created this campaign to raise more awareness about the celebration.


Real Footage To Show Authenticity

To add more authenticity to this amazing campaign, Elaraby Group shot a video with fathers and their children and posted it on its Facebook page.

Without any interference or a script, the brand chose 4 dads with their children and let their children express their love and appreciation to them. The video is so emotional and it triggers your love for your father in a beautiful way.


The Emotional Factor Drives The Campaign Towards Success

The emotional factor is very popular among creatives when they work on campaigns, but this campaign had the best implantation.

The brand knew exactly how to reach all types of audiences and make them fall in love with the advert. The campaign triggers the emotions but in a positive way as it urges people to appreciate the role of the father even more.

So far, the advert has over 5 million views on Facebook with over 600 comments all loving the advert. The campaign didn’t end here as the brand is organizing on-ground activities in all of the malls in Egypt and governorates to encourage people to express their love and appreciation towards their fathers.


We have to admit that this is one of the most beautiful and successful campaigns and it has one of the purest messages.

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