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El-Da7ee7 involved in the battle of plagiarism debate

Did you know that social media is filled with plagiarism?

Most of the content you come across daily on any social media platform is probably stolen. Every time someone posts a quote or an idea without mentioning its owner is plagiarizing, even when you write the word “Copied” on a post without mentioning the owner is still plagiarizing.

How to Understand Plagiarizing

Let us introduce you to what plagiarism means, Plagiarism is the representation of someone’s work, ideas, or even words as your own work without giving any credits to the original owner.

Plagiarism is considered to be a violation of journalistic ethics and academic dishonesty; therefore, if a person to do any research, they have to put their resources.

In some laws, plagiarism can be considered as a felony, so, if the resources were not included in any content, the person can get expelled, fined, or sentenced to prison.

A few days ago, we came across an accusation of the famous El-Da7ee7 to plagiarize other people’s work, but is it true?


Is El-Da7ee7 Plagiarizing?

We noticed that many people have been attacking the famous science channel El-Da7ee7 and accusing it and the whole team including Ahmed El-Ghandour of stealing content and plagiarizing!

The journalist and writer Wael Abbas took Facebook last month and accused El-Da7ee7 of stealing his ideas and content and included in his post the topics that El-Da7ee7 stole. Another post by Abbas stating that he did not only steal from him but he is also copying another famous YouTuber and educator called Michael Stevens.

Ever since then a series of posts were all over Facebook with the same accusation claiming that he did not only steal Wael Abbas but he also stole content from many people and then all of these accusations sparked a hashtag of الدحيح_حرامي# or “El-Da7ee7 Is a Thief”, some even accused him of trying to spread atheism!



El-Da7ee7 to End The Controversy

The official page of AJ+العربي released a statement on Facebook replying to all of these plagiarizing accusations saying that they reviewed the episodes and all the presented information exist on the internet and accessible to anyone.

They also stated that not mentioning the names of the researchers is not plagiarizing as long they are mentioning the official resources that they used within the episode or in the description section.



It’s worth mentioning that Ahmed El-Ghandour aka El-Da7ee7 was announced in March to give a speech at one of the most prestigious and famous universities, Harvard University.


People Having Two Different Opinions

Regarding this controversy, people had two different opinions, the first one supported Wael Abbas and claimed that El-Da7ee7 indeed stole from him and it’s not the first time he does such a thing. Other people stood by El-Da7ee7 agreeing with the statement and thought that this is not plagiarizing as long as he is mentioning the resources and saw Wael Abbas as a person who is trying to be a trend.

Writers and researchers depend on credible resources in every piece they write so it can be accurate but they are obligated to mention these resources if they don’t want to face any kind of accusations. Do you think El Da7ee7 is plagiarizing and or he’s clear of all accusations?

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