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Egypt’s street football to the world stage; underprivileged youth to play at World Cup 2018

Is football only a game? Football is not just a game, don’t be embarrassed to say that some of the most memorable moments of our lives have been made by or during football matches.

From big stadiums to small streets, football effect can lift our moods from strenuous circumstances or throw us down to the pits of despair.

Moments of glory is something that many of us look for, and only a lucky few find and football is associated with passion, emotion, excitement and fans loyalty across the world.

And for children who are underprivileged and live on the poverty line it is harder to find, but social soldiers such as NAFAS and Unilever are pledging to help them find it and happiness.

Over 9.2 million children are living in poverty, with 7.2 million more at-risk, according to a 2015 brief by CAPMAS and UNICEF.

International consumer goods company Unilever has had an eye out on ways to help kids get off the streets and find passion in life.

Since 2016, Unilever’s brands [Clear and Rexona] has been helping NAFAS, a social initiative that aims to help improve the lives of street children through the power and passion of football, to raise awareness and to formally introduce children to the beloved sport.

And this year, Clear and Rexona are front page as they support Egypt’s underprivileged youth to play on the world stage in Russia, for another World Cup competition.


NAFAS has been building up the playing field, creating structure in children’s lives. They do this through football training and practices, complete with coaching, where social workers also stand by to help provide children with other types of support.


On the world stage

This isn’t the first time our young football stars have been on the world’s stage. The young players have been going around the world, playing in international tournaments such as Street Child United and the Homeless World Cup.

Team in opening parade Homeless World Cup #tb #hwc2017

Posted by Empowering Children at Risk Through Sports on Friday, September 8, 2017

Posted by Empowering Children at Risk Through Sports on Sunday, September 3, 2017


And this year, Unilever’s Clear and Rexona brands are supporting the initiative and the children by helping them go all the way to Moscow for this year’s Street Child World Cup 2018 on May 10. They also sponsored the team for last year’s Homeless World Cup in Norway, where the girl’s team won 6th place.

“[We want to allow] them the opportunity to travel, become champions, and motivate them to work hard over the years to [become an] A-team that competes in international tournaments” stated Unilever.

“We are hoping to [continue] supporting this initiative for many years to come, [as well as] extend our reach to more children in the region.”

Although we have focused our attention on the national team for breaking our 27-year losing streak, we should also remember that we have another national team already on the international stage. We should be rejoicing their achievements as much as we do for the older team.

Team carrying captain after exceptional performance against Scotland #nafas @chipsyegypt @Face for Children in Need #empoweringchildrenatrisk @homelessworldcup كابتن الفريق بعد ماتش أسكوتلاندا

Posted by Empowering Children at Risk Through Sports on Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Around 90% of street children here can be found begging on the streets every day, sitting and walking in Egypt’s extreme weather ranges. Passion is something these children know very little of, but Unilever and NAFAS have been introducing it into their lives.

They helped create a place where they can breathe and find hope, help, clarity and passion for life.

If you are interested in keeping up with the team, follow NAFAS’s page here.

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