Egypt Photo Summit 2016 to connect everyone from the photography industry eco-system

For the third year in a row, Egypt Photo Summit happens again to gather, connect, and educate the whole of the Egyptian, and Arab photography industry.

EPS has been bringing thousands of passionate photographers, make-up artists, fashion designers, stylists, and graphic designers alongside advertising and multimedia agencies and the brightest of the industry leaders.

EPS connects everyone from the eco-system to share, explore and communicate about their works, exchange info and ideas, in a creative community celebration.

So far EPS had more than 60 Award Winning Speakers from all corners of the world, 30 world class brands, 35 community partners from Alexandria to Aswan, and more than 4000 attendees!

Other than our conventional tracks of the event of Talks, Discussion Panels, Crash Courses, Shutter Crowd, Brand Exhibition Area, Community Partners Exhibition Area, And the EPS Photo Exhibition.

This year Egypt Photo Summit introducing three new Egypt Photo Week Events and Products! The first is Cairo Media Summit, CMS is an extraordinary gathering of people, communities and companies driving us into a fully connected new world.

The event is a unique mix of high-profile talks, discussion panels and meetings between all parties involved, bringing together leaders from all over the world to share with and educate their peers. We are bridging the gap between established businesses and creatives.

The second is the Egypt Photo Card, EPC is a simple solution to all of a photographer’s needs when it comes to access within the photography community! We’ve paired up (and still pairing up) with photography schools, brands, shops, services providers, print houses and more to bring you this membership recognition within their circles. Subscribers will be able to use their cards to get discounts, accumulate points for rewards, promotions, purchasing products, attending events like Egypt Photo Summit, and other community events. It’s an all access card, with the biggest photography network in the country, we are not just aiming for Egypt, and it’s just a starting point!

The third is a Mobile Photo Walk, and from our belief that today photography is accessible to everyone, it was unconceivable to even think about picking up a tool from our pockets and be able to take DSLR quality photography. And we believe that today there are more and more photographers going to the mobile to take their photos, especially with the massive rise of applications like Instagram that make sharing, and exposing oneself to the whole photography community easier than ever!

MPW, will feature experts and photographers walking around select locations taking photos, having fun and enjoying the biggest advancement of the 21st century. The Smartphone.


Egypt Photo Summit started this whole Egypt Photo Week, and we are very proud to be presenting all of those brands to our community, and attendees!

For more info please visit Egypt Photo Summit websiteDo not miss the magic. To buy tickets to Egypt’s photography industry event visit the following link

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