Egypt Photo Summit: Who cares? Don’t come!

The upcoming, 12th of November, marks the third season of ALL ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY event, Egypt Photo Summit. This photography trend that has been occupying the streets left us murky about the authenticity of the aura circling photography and photographers.

I mean, com’on, why would this EGYPT PHOTO SUMMIT be any different than any other photography thing. And please don’t get us wrong, we respect and appreciate photography deeply that we get over protective.

And that is why we decided to put down all the reasons on why you shouldn’t attend Egypt Photo Summit.

First reason why would you waste 3 days of your precious life attending workshops and talks given to by prominent, world class international photographers and all for 200 EGP.

Second reason why would you willingly participate where you can update your gear or actually buy the right gear for you ON LOWER PRICES … who on Egypt right now would want to pay less!

Third reason whether you were a photographer on a professional or amateur level, you can participate in a photo-gallery … what kind of photographer will that make you!! Showing your work in an open gallery at the Greek Campus!

Fourth reason even if you have no plans to buy a DSLR, why would you be interested to know how to professionally tamper your cellphone camera settings to get professional – like pictures. How important can that be for a new upcoming photographer?!

Fifth reason don’t we all love those magical cards that give you access to tons of stuff – EHM credit cards – so what Egypt Photo Card does the same thing, giving you access to production and rental houses all over Egypt AND special discounts … what is so fancy about  that?!

The sixth, seventh and eighth reasons who really cares about photography that much? Who is passionate about building a name and really connecting with the ecosystem of photography? Why would it be important to know firsthand about all the new software, technologies and trends??

Who cares? Don’t come!

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