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Egypt Calls Out For All Creatives To Create A Brand Identity For The New Administrative Capital

Everyone who works in the creative field is always on the look for opportunities to show their skills and potentials and to do something great.

Opportunities that can make someone’s name written in history can come once in a lifetime and luckily, creatives all around Egypt are given this opportunity.

As a creative, when you think of a huge opportunity, you might think of working for an international company or being part of a competition that can give you huge recognition, but have you ever thought that you could name or design a logo for a part of Egypt? You don’t have to imagine anymore as this opportunity actually exists!

If you’re a graphic designer or content creator then this major opportunity is for you, you don’t want to miss it.



A Call Out For All Creatives

The Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority has made a huge and important announcement on the 24th of October.

The Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority has launched a competition under the name of “Egypt’s Identity” for all creative Egyptians to get a chance to create a brand name, a slogan, a design, and a visual identity for the New Administrative Capital.

Whether you’re working solo, in a team, or own a company, you can submit your work and participate in the competition. The deadline for submitting your work as mentioned on the official website is on Wednesday, 15th of December 2021.

The submitted work has to reflect Egypt’s vision regarding the establishment of new cities and the advancement of society through art, science, innovation, sustainable development, and modern technology.

You can submit your work on the official website

The Terms And Conditions

To guarantee the success of the submission, the contestant has to read and follow the terms and conditions.

1- The applicant has to submit the required documents.

2- The submitted designs have to be created for this competition only, meaning that they weren’t submitted in other competitions before.

3- All designs have to be original and authentic and were not taken from other sources.

4- Non-authentic designs will be eliminated.

5- The constant can apply for creating the brand name and slogan only, designing the logo and visual identity only, or can apply for both, knowing that each competition will be judged separately.



The Competition’s Prize

The prize differs depending on the category of the competition. The logo and visual identity’s prize is different from the brand name and slogan.

The brand name and slogan’s first prize is worth 50,000 EGP, the second prize is worth 30,000 EGP, and the third prize is worth 10,000 EGP. As for the logo and visual identity, the first prize is worth 100,000 EGP, the second prize is worth 50,000 EGP, and the third prize is worth 30,000 EGP.



Seize The Opportunity

This is the perfect opportunity for your name to go down in history.

It is such a great initiative from The Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority to encourage Egyptians to be creative; it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover unique talents and to use the skills to benefit the country. This competition opens a great door for every Egyptian who has a creative mind.



We can’t wait to see who will get to name the New Administrative Capital and create its logo. 

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