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Coronavirus Update: The Circular Economy Summit will be postponed to June 2020

UPDATE: 7:32 PM, 9/3/2020

It was decided to postpone the activities of the circular economy summit to the second half of next June, in the framework of the preventive measures taken by the Egyptian government to limit the spread of the Corona virus and help protect the summit’s participants, speakers and international experts, which includes the suspension of any large gatherings and events as a precautionary measure.

It is worth noting that the conference was scheduled to be held on the 16th of March under the auspices of the ministries of Planning and Economic Development, Environment, and Industry & Trade, and in participation with the European Union, PepsiCo Egypt, Al-Ahram companies, CSR Arabia and Chemonics, with the aim to focus on the concept of “Circular Economy” as an alternative to linear economy and create a move among different stakeholders towards efficient waste management and environmental sustainability practices in a beneficial manner protecting the environment and the national economy, and in contribution to Egypt’s vision 2030 for sustainable development.


For our persistence in achieving environmental sustainability in Egypt, the Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed and the Minister of Environment, Dr. Yasmin Fouad will launch the Circular Economy Summit on the 16th of March 2020.

The event is under auspices of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and the Ministry of Environment and is organized by Influence Communications and in cooperation with Pepsico Egypt which is the main sponsor. The event will witness the attendance of important names and businessman.

What Is “Circular Economy Summit”?

Circular Economy Summit is the first event to gather experts from Egypt and around the world that specialize in waste management. This is to introduce the best solutions to achieve the 2030 strategy that was put by United Nations Sustainable Development and to promote the concept of responsible consumption and production.

Source: GIZ 2018

The importance of The Summit

Egypt has been struggling with environmental sustainability and environmental issues that are resulted from the waste and the linear economy that it is following.

Linear economy depends on using raw materials to produce a certain product that is after its usage, it is thrown away which will result a huge amount of waste that will damage the environment.

Circular Economy Vs. Linear Economy

The summit will tackle the environmental sustainability concerns and the importance of replacing linear economy with circular economy which urges to eliminate waste and the usage of resources and its aim is to use the waste in other processes and to keep using products and equipment for a longer time.

Topics to Be Discussed

One of topics that will be discussed in the summit is spreading the awareness of the importance of the individual role and the private sector in preserving the environment and in finding creative solutions to make the best use of waste to achieve Egypt 2030’s vision and the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development.

The Summit’s Focus

The aim of this summit is to focus on the Circular Economy and adopting it instead of the Linear Economy and to encourage the society’s members to dispose their waste in a proper way to benefit the national economy and the environment.

This will be achieved by delivering certain messages that urges the mass to follow the plan, to always come up with creative solutions and by sharing success stories of how waste can be properly managed and disposed.

Who’s to Attend

It is expected to find a lot of important businessmen and public figures along with Egyptian important figures taking part in the summit, such as: Dr. Anisa Hassouna who is a member of the House of Representatives, the senior adviser to the Ministry of Environment, Dr. Hussein Abaza, CEO of PepsiCo Egypt, Mohamed Shelbaya, CEO and Co-Founder of MiccroSafe, and the executive director of the Environmental Compliance and Sustainable Development office of the Federation of Egyptian Industries.

We are proud of such events being held in Egypt to help improving the environment and to spread the idea of circulating the waste.

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