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Did Marwa Nagy decide the winner of The Voice 2014 ?

A phenomenal voice shine in The Voice 2014 season last Friday. The hidden talent Marwa Nagy had a quite prosperous career as an opera singer, so a strong voice and a heritage of beautiful songs. The up-normal number of shares on my timeline triggered me to take a deeper look at MBC official YouTube Channel insights and see the impact of Social Media to enforce Marwa chance to be nominated for MBC The Voice 2014 season.

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While it took 8 seconds for two of The Voice juries to make up their minds and click the yes button, It ended up with the four juries voted YES for Marwa in less than 27 seconds. We are inspired to measure the public opinion and how the audience react with Marwa on Social Media.

Facts and Figures

  • Tweets mentioned Marwa Nagy sentiment analysis is 100% positive
  • 292,644 views in 48 hrs
  • 789 direct shares from YouTube
  • 185 Subscriptions to MBC The Voice channel driven by Marwa Nagy’s video
  • 374 Tweets mentioned Marwa Nagy in both languages [Arabic + English]
  • 8 new pages created on Facebook for Marwa Nagy
  • 5000 new fans liked Marwa Nagy page on Facebook in average 48hrs

Competitors Viewership

[gchart id=”60″]

Competitors Viewership Ratings

[gchart id=”61″]


Sample Of Tweets Mentioned Marwa Nagy


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