Ramadan 2017

Dice Ramadan campaign starring Edward; doesn’t need advertising!

It is no secret Ramadan is the high time for celebrity focused Ads as opposed to any other campaign. Agencies have a way of using celebrities to promote products directly or through sentimental ties with one’s favorite star. In comes Dice with a campaign, executed by Karim Zahran Communications, that focuses solely on the its range of products being reliable, comfortable and affordable but with a minor catch, the stars don’t feel like stars; they know the product is the actual start.

The campaign, divided over 3 major stories, revolves around Eduard (as himself) and Mostafa Abo Seree’ (as the director convincing Edward of a seemingly crazy concept for the AD). With light quick comedy and a lot of chemistry between the two stars, Dice has finally succeeded in stepping out of the traditional AD formula for underwear brands by using light comedy instead of shocking mildly inappropriate concepts usually used by underwear brands in Egypt.

The Interesting Duet

Eduard was able to utilize has status as a comedy star properly while accompanied by rising comedy star Mostafa Abo Seree’ who is seeing a lot of success in many Ramadan series. They are funny, light and quick witted using very smart copywriting.


Forget the Product, Trust the Stars

The interesting fact is none of the products sold by Dice appear visually in any of the copies, instead, Eduard states the facts about the product as if it is common knowledge that shouldn’t be discussed. The product isn’t the star, it doesn’t need to be for Dice, the campaign focused on the fact that it doesn’t need advertising through advertising. Ironic but very smart…

We hear the same agency is preparing another interesting concept for Ramadan to be aired soon, let’s wait and see if it is celebrity focused with a twist like this one.

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