Dear HR and Employers, When You Reject Candidates Let Them Know

When it comes to applying for a job, there is one thing in common between most candidates; they don’t know if they’re rejected and they don’t get feedback!

Over the years, we all have applied to many jobs and we got rejected many times, but how did we know we were rejected? By being ignored! We never got a response nor feedback! This matter is so confusing because there is no obvious reason why HR employees or even managers let their candidates know they’re rejected.

So, today we’re addressing every HR employee and every manager who’s responsible for interviewing candidates to let them know that each candidate wants to know if they’re rejected and wants feedback.


The Secret of Not Sharing A Feedback

Until now no one knows exactly why companies ignore candidates who are rejected! But we got few reasons in our pockets.

Aside from having legal concerns or certain policies, a company can impose; some employers don’t share feedback due to many reasons, one of them is lack of time. Sometimes the number of candidates is so huge that an employer can’t send rejection emails and feedback because they will need to state different feedback for each different candidate. Also, Some employers want to spare the awkwardness or avoid angry candidates.

Although, these reasons seem valid, giving feedback is a huge plus to the company.



Candidates Need to Know They’re Rejected

You’re not the only employer a candidate has applied to work for!

In fact, people apply to many jobs to guarantee getting accepted in one, and they wait for the feedback so they can cross it off their list. When an employer doesn’t give a candidate feedback, they let them hanging.

Another fact, candidates get confused because they don’t know whether they’re rejected or not because some companies tend to accept after a while! Also, some candidates tend to compare companies especially if they targeting a certain one to work for.

So, letting a candidate know they are rejected, is telling them to move on and look for another opportunity in another place. This will help them focus on other companies and other vacancies.


Why They Need A Feedback

A candidate needs to know what they did wrong or what they lack.

The most unanswered question in a candidate’s mind is “Why Was I Rejected?” As someone who went through the same experience, candidates always wonder how to be better in the next interview. This is why they need to know why they didn’t pass.

A candidate wants to know if they need to work on their answers or develop more skills. They want to nail the next interview so they can get the job.



How Giving a Feedback Can Benefit Both The Candidate and The Employer

Even though it can be awkward telling someone they’re rejected, it still has a positive impact on both the candidate and the employer.

Letting a candidate know they are rejected and giving them feedback, will help them improve. Without knowing, as an employer, you’re actually helping your candidate to get accepted in their job. When they know your feedback, they will start working on the things that need improvement, and through this, they might pass their second interview.

Also, as an employer, this will have a positive impact on you and your company. It will show that you respect your candidates and it will give you a good reputation.


In the end, be sure that your candidate wants to know their interview’s result no matter what it is and they need your feedback.

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