Dalili in a Nutshell

Reviews have become an essential part of the internet sphere because users and businesses depend on them for several reasons. More information, free advertising, and sales generation are some of the reasons to the benefit of reviews.

Dalili has taken these reasons and placed them into a single platform, where you can Search, Discover and Review. It is a user based website that provides a platform to read and write reviews about establishments all over the country, whether delightful or unpleasant.

It’s all about search, discover, and review. So how does Dalili work?

Step One: Search Dalili

Dalili is a local search engine in itself, which allows you to search for anything around the country. You will find contact information, addresses, branches and social media platforms of the businesses.

Step Two: Discover

You will be able to locate businesses with the GPS services, so you leave get lost again. You can also search for places nearby.

Step Three: Review

You have a platform that offers them reviews of all shapes and sizes written by other users, describing their own experiences. They also allow them to write their own reviews, as well as rate businesses.


About Dalili:

The slogan is “Local Search My Way”. Unlike traditional directories, Dalili’s aim is to put you (the visitor) in the driver’s seat by letting you both rate and review the places you visit, the stores from which you buy from, or services you purchase, while also you determine how you would like the search results to be sorted. You can sort results based on your own personal preferences. Thus, if you want to view local restaurants by the highest ratings or neighborhood gyms that have the most reviews, your desired view is only a click away. Being able to define how your’s results are sorted gives the you the true “Local Search My Way” experience.

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