Creative Packages To Inspire You And How To Create One

Have you ever seen a product package that you liked so much that you decided to keep? Many brands create very creative packages for their products and over the years we have witnessed many brands go viral just because their product packages are different.

A creative package doesn’t have to have a creative shape; it can include a creative design, a creative text, or manufactured creatively.

In fact, having creative packaging is one of the reasons your brand can become so popular and go viral to reach more customers.

So, if you’re a brand owner and whether you are re-branding or about to create your product packaging, here’s how to create a creative one.


Make It Usable

You have to create something that your customers can use again instead of throwing away.

There are some products that come in a box that the customers can actually use as a jewelry box! People like to buy things that will give them double benefits and when your package serves double benefits, it will attract more customers.


Make It Product Friendly

Your packaging has to represent your product and be related to it.

There are many times when we used a product and felt like the package was not serving it properly. Take any type of sauce, for example, would it be easy for you to use it from glass bottles or from a squeezable upside-down package?

Also, would you sell frozen food in a paper bag or plastic bag?

This is what we mean by creating a package that is product friendly; it can keep your product safe instead of ruining it.


Encourage Your Customers To Buy Through Launching Limited Editions

Customers love any product’s limited edition as it always has something different from the usual product.

Limited editions create an urge for the customers to want to buy the product immediately.

In fact, looking back, when Coca-Cola created the limited edition cans with names on them, they attracted a huge number of customers and went extremely viral.

Creating limited editions can also relate to the current trends; for example, next December, we have the world cup, and this can be a huge chance for creating a limited edition package for your product.


Think From A Consumer Perspective

You’re a customer just like you’re a brand owner; as a customer, what do you want the most when it comes to product packaging? Your answer is what you need to add to your package.

Think about what your customer would expect from your package; for example, if your product is a type of snack, then your customer would probably want to seal it after opening it, add this option to the package.

The more you think about your customers’ needs, the more creative your packaging will be.


Make It Handy In A Fun Way

One of the things you should add to your package is making it handy or easy to use but you can do that in a creative way.

Here’s an example of a tea brand where it added a small hanger to the tea bag to make it easy to hang it on the cup.

You can also use different materials for your packaging, for example, some brands use handmade packaging (depending on the product) and others wrap the packaging in a piece of clothes to add a touch of intimacy as if the product was made especially for the customers.

Put in mind that your packaging needs to be handy and can be carried easily.


Examples of Creative Packages

Here are some packages to be your source of inspiration.








Remember, having creative packaging is part of your marketing plan as the more creative and handy it can get the more popular your brand will get. 

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