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Copywriting Vs Content Writing: The differences And How To Be One

If you’re someone who’s interested in marketing and advertising, especially in the content creating department, then you probably have come across both of these titles before “Copywriter” and “Content Creator/Content Writer”.

Most people who started in this career had one common wondering, “what do a copywriter and a content creator do?” and “what is the difference between them?”

Right up until this very moment there are many marketing experts who still write about both titles and what each of them does.

So, if you’re interested to be a content creator or a copywriter, this article is for you.



What Does A Copywriter Do?

Most of the advertising agencies look for copywriters more than content writers or creators.

Copywriting mainly revolves around marketing and advertising. It is the art of persuading! What a copywriter does is trying to convince the audience of a certain product and how it can be useful to them so they make the decision of purchasing.

Copywriters also are the ones who are responsible for creating TV campaigns and even write scripts or jingles.

Copywriters also don’t just work on adverts and jingles, they also work on creating social media posts, slogans, taglines, Billboards, direct email letters, email campaigns, and press releases.

So, whenever you see an advert on TV or whenever you’re persuaded to buy a product just because of its advert or social media post, know that there’s a copywriter behind it and behind its jingle.



What Does A Content Writer Do?

A content writer can work for advertising agencies and any other companies that own any type of blog.

Content writing is more about informing the customer or reader than persuading them with a call to action. In other words, content writing is more educating and informative to the reader. Content writers/creators tend to give details and any information regarding a topic, this is why they have the talent for storytelling.

Through their writing, they can gain the reader or customer’s loyalty and interest. They are the ones behind every article, blog, social media post, E-books, book, Magazine features, Email newsletters, Podcasts, movies, and print magazines.

So, just like copywriters, whenever you find yourself interested to read an article or getting educated around a certain topic, know that the one behind it is a content writer or a content creator.

Note that not everyone can write articles and give details; this is why not every copywriter can be a content creator.



The Difference Between Both Titles

A content writer/creator can do what a copywriter does but sometimes a copywriter can’t do the job of a content creator.

Both are different in the intention; as we have mentioned previously, copywriting is all about selling; the goal of creating a copy or being a copywriter is to convince the audience of the necessity of a certain product as you want them to order it.

The intention of writing content is to deliver certain information and educating the reader about a product or a service.

Another difference between both titles is the skills the individual needs to have. Both have to have writing skills, but a content creator has to be able to write articles, and long pieces of writings, while a copywriter usually writes short direct texts.

A copywriter has to be persuasive; they are aware of the customer’s needs and they trigger them so they can buy the product. A content creator has to have an eye for details and knows how to keep the reader interested to keep reading and have the skills to explain a piece of information.

Both have to have a good knowledge of SEO but a content writer has to be more advanced since their writings will depend more on SEO so they can appear on Google.




How To Decide Which Role Is The Right For You

You can determine this depending on your skills and which one can bring out your true talent.

Which of the previous skills do you have? If your answer is you have what makes you good at both jobs, then what will help you decide is which one you are passionate about and think you will do great at.

Some people like creating adverts; they enjoy coming up with ideas, have creative ways to present them, and have the right imagination. Other people enjoy using big words, telling stories, and love elaborating.



One last thing you have to know is that as long as you have a writing talent then picking either of them is an easy decision. 

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